TFT Champion Tier List: B Tier

B tier list for Patch 12.6 of Teamfight Tactics!
b tier

Hello, fellow summoners and Teamfight Tactics Enthusiasts. After we have concluded all of the in-depth guide for Teamfight Tactics Set 6.5, The Neon Nights, the time has come to rank our champions with our newest addition to our website! The Tier Lists!


The Tier Lists are going to show you what champions and traits are meta in the newest patch 12.6 that came out earlier this week. This tier list will help you find out what TFT champions should you play and abuse and what champions you should stay clear off.

Bear in mind that with every patch, that usually comes out each week, there will be some changes in the meta since Riot Games are trying to create a perfect balance among the champions and traits in the game. So expect this to change every week. We are going to star with the weakest champions that belong to the B tier and move up! We are going to do the same with traits too! Champions are not graded by their cost, since it is only logical that the more expensive champions will be stronger than those that cost fewer, but rather by their cost-worth ratio and by the impact on the game itself!


b tier 1
b tier 2

So, without further ado, here are The Champions that belong in B tier for this week in Teamfight Tactics, Patch 12.6!

  • Ashe
  • Cammile
  • Darius
  • Ekko
  • Ezreal
  • Gnar
  • Irelia
  • Jarvan
  • Lulu
  • Miss Fortune
  • Nocturne
  • Quinn
  • Senna
  • Seraphine
  • Talon
  • Twitch
  • Ziggs
  • Zilean



Ashe, along with Zeri, is the newest part of set 6.5. Along with the Sniper trait, Ashe has found her place with Syndicates, but she benefits far more, damage-wise, with her friends in the trait of snipers!

A great new champion that replaced Kog Maw and Tristana, which were pretty damn terrible both as a sniper and their origin traits. Ashe is a well-placed replacement.

She is quite a looker too! Many of us expected Ashe’s ability to be her ult from the Summoners Rift, but guys from Riot have decided for her Q. The scaling on the spell is 100% of her attack damage, so she scaled well with some heavy ad items. 

The items I would recommend are Infinity Edge, Deathblade, and if you opt for her as your carry, then some kind of sustain, in the form of Quicksilver or The Edge of the Night. If you already have a carry, and you just want your backup damage deal who shreds enemies from far away, I would opt for Last Whisper.

If Ashe is your carry, she is best placed around the corners at the back of the field with quicksilver and on the inside of the backline if you do not have one on her.

She is pretty cheap, and I would recommend maxing her asap whether she is your primary carry or not. It shouldn’t be difficult since The Syndicates aren’t played that much right now, which is a shame since they are pretty damn strong if you ask me.

Ability: Volley

Ashe fires a volley of arrows centered on her target, dealing 100% of her Attack Damage as physical damage per arrow and slowing their Attack Speed by 15% for 3 seconds.



Cammile can be a low-cost champion you might want to avoid, unless it is an essential part of your composition, such as this one. New players tend to make a mistake with equipping Cammile with best items early on in the game, this is a mistake. She simply doesn’t possess the strenght or the abilities to make good use of them. God knows I’ve tried every item. The ones that might just work if you really want to make your life difficult is Guinsoo’s Rageblade, combined with The Bloodthirster. She also needs some form of sustain (possibly in The Edge of The Night). But that was a huge waste of resources. 

Her inclusion in The Challenger as well as The Clockwork compositions is what makes her unique. She is just bought and used in the field to fulfill the position. You might disagree with my opinion on this, but I don’t see how she can be useful.And I am taking into account her being a one gold costing champion, but still? I mean, look at Caitlyin, Illaoi, Brand, and many others. When I think of it, she may actually be one of the useless champions in the whole set.

You can throw her anywhere you like on the board for her positioning. She will hopefully take the aggro on itself and at least be useful so that your carries can do some damage from the back.

I wouldn’t max her out for anything beyond level 2. Unless you are so fortunate to have three Camille’s appear in your shop. It can’t hurt any more, well, more then you having to play her.

Ability: Defensive Sweep

Camille gains a shield blocking damage over 4 seconds, then sweeps her leg, dealing magic damage to enemies in a cone. While this shield holds, Camille’s attacks restore 30 Health.



Darius is among the strongest one gold coin champions. And when patch 6 known as The Gizmos and Gadgets first released, he was unbeatable. With his amazing healing and damage ability, he’d look like a blender spinning around the board. Since he is part of both The Syndicate and The Bodyguard characteristics, his sustain is only outshined by Braum who shares these traits also. If you didn’t understand perfectly, Riot has made two champions with two identical traits. They are both in incredible harmony with each other and can produce incredible synergy. It’s fantastic! The two champions are both front-line players and likely to be right next to each other in battle. This is among the most powerful, with only two champions. You also have two Syndicates (and two Bodyguards) on the board. Darius is stronger in terms of damage in his attack, whereas Braum is more concentrated on the defense-utility field. They can have the strength and power of four champions. I’m sure of it.

When he came out, you could easily stack The Rabbadon’s Death Cap, The Hextech Gunblade, and The Blue Buff on Darius, and the game would be pretty much over once he hits level three. Now that has changed, and he doesn’t do very well with those items. When I say he doesn’t do or perform very well, I mean, it can not be compared with the damage he had before nerfs, but I promise you, even now, with those items equipped on Darius, he can do some pretty sick stuff.

But, those items now go much better with some actual AP scaling champions, so for Darius’s items, I would go for The Warmogs Armor, The Titan’s Resolve, The Sunfire Cape, The Redemption, The Bramble’s Vest. You get the point. Although I have to say the disclaimer that I wouldn’t equip Darius with any items unless you have The Magnetic remover since there are a lot more champions in the Syndicate composition, which can do much more and benefit more from them than Darius can.

For positioning, you should go straight on, face to face with the enemy. He should be placed in the front row of your battle arena so he can do some damage while taking aggro instead of your team. Talking about taking one for the team, eh?

Since he is a relatively low-cost unit, Darius shouldn’t be a problem getting to level three. If you are still in the early game, you should make that a priority, but if you are somewhere towards the mid-game, I wouldn’t bother to be honest.

Ability: Decimate

Darius swings his axe in a circle, dealing magic damage, then heals himself for each enemy hit.



Ekko has been around from the beginning of the set 6, and he is a decent pick. He rocks three traits, with them being The Innovator, The Assassin and The Scrap trait. That is the thing that makes him a decent pick since without the third trait he isn’t the best choice there is.

His colours shine the brightest with The Assassin comp, but he works well with Innovators too. The Scrap trait is strong but a risky one so I would say that is the one where you never know what to expect.

At the cost of three gold coins, the is somewhere in  the mid range when it comes to the price, but his cost isn’t , unfortunately backed up with a great power. He is the champion that isn’t picked as much so he will be an easy unit to level up to the max, but that’s something that  you should do only if  you have some gold to spare, since he  really isn’t  worth the investment.

His position , like any other  Assassin is in the back line, right across the hex you want him to jump on when the game commences.

Items should be focused on Ap, Mana and Omnivamp, so the best choices are The Blue Buff, The Rabbadon’s Deathcap and The Hextech Gunblade.

Ability: Parallel Convergence

Ekko invokes an afterimage that bats a device towards the largest group of units. Upon landing, it deals magic damage to enemies within and applies reduced movement speed for 4 seconds. Allies inside gain bonus Attack Speed for 4 seconds.



Ezreal is pretty bad. Scrap that (pun intended), he is rubbish. Possibly the worst champion in the current patch along with Ziggs, with whom he shares The Scrap trait. Along with being a Scrap, Ezreal is also an Innovator. If I am being honest he sucks in both of those compositions and can not contribute to any of them in any way what so ever, apart from having to fulfil an empty spot that is needed to activate the bonus of the said trait.

He is a pretty cheap unit, costing just one gold coin, but in my opinion that doesn’t justify the fact that he is simply awful. There are many more units that cost exactly the same and they are much more powerfull, like Caitlyn or Illaoi for an example. They could wipe level two Ezreal while they being on the first level. His ability is his In-game Q from The Summoners Rift, but simply doesn’t work nor does it deal any decent amount of damage.

For items, I would say nothing.  He simply can not make them work. But if you are feeling dary, or you just hate yourself and want to lose, then you can equip him with The Rabbadon’s Deathcap, The Blue Buff and The Infinity Edge.

Depending on the fact are you equipping him with items or not, depends his positon. If you do no use any items on him then put him in the second row, behind the tanks so he can die quickly and you can use that time to burn enemies with your prime damage dealers from the back. If you, by any chance are crazy enough to use items on him, then put him in some corner so he wouldn’t die instantly.

He is pretty cheap, and people are not playing The Innovators nor Scraps too much so at least you can level him pretty quickly to level 3.

Ability: Mystic Shot

Ezreal fires a missile at his target, dealing magic damage. If the missile hits, he grants himself 30% bonus stacking Attack Speed, up to 150% at 5 stacks.



Gnar is a champion who is in the spotlight in the latest patch, brings three characteristics to the field or the bench. Gnar can be described as Yordle and Socialite, as well as Striker which makes him a great option for a variety of combinations. Due to his versatility, he becomes perfect glue that connects many impossible compositions. He is a fantastic striker. Because he’s an Socialite He provides you with that vital boost in any game. The 5 Socialite bonus has some serious damage. It’s a method to inflict unimaginable pain on your adversaries. But, it could be difficult to acquire because it comes with a high risk and a high chance of loss. Gnar is an excellent option for all your opponents. If you do include the trait of The Augment to him, Gnar will become a four trait threat that can wipe off his enemies.

For most of the time, I would just position him wherever his Socialite spot appears since he is a strong and reliable pick that has a lot of sustain while dealing some serious damage to his enemies. He is a good striker, that’s for sure, and Riot really hit the jackpot by naming him as one of the Strikers who needed his versatility a lot and also his utility as well. He has that big knock-up, push, whatever you wanna call it, which damages the first enemy and brings aoe damage to a place where his rock hits the field.

His items should be The Warmog’s Armor, The Sunfire Cape, some augment trait if you have it, and you can go Guinsoo’s Rageblade as it is universally good on most of the champions. You can go for The Spear of Shojin if you like too.

He should be leveled ASAP, but if you are going for The Yordle comp, that won’t be much of an issue since the units level themselves after each combat.

If you have a better pick for a Socialite spot, then he is an aggressive frontline and sustain champion, and he should be equipped with the items that are compatible with that strategy.

If you are going for the striker comp, you will already have some strong front line, so you can place him a hex or two behind your primary tanks since he is more of a bruiser than a tank.

Ability: GNAR!

Gnar transforms into Mega Gnar for the rest of combat. Mega Gnar throws a boulder at the farthest enemy within boulder range, dealing a percentage of his Attack Damage plus bonus damage as physical damage to all enemies it passes through.

While in Mega Gnar form, Gnar is melee, gains Health, and his mana costs are reduced by 20.



Irelia was one of the stronger champions in the game. But when the Patch 12.6 hit, it hit her hard and she has fallen drastically from S to B tier.

The problem with Irelia is that she is part of Scrap trait that isn’t that amazing to be honest. They are underplayed so that is a chance to get some units fast, but most of them just have a better trait that is overplayed, like Irelia does with The Striker trait.

She is quite viable choice and can cause a lot od damage. She has been nerfed a little bit, but still can kick some ass when she is on some higher level and with some cool items.

She is quite a costly unit with a price of 4 golden coins per unit, making her an epic unit when it comes to the unit ranking and pricing.

She shines the brightest when she is a part of The Striker Composition, but if you are in luck and get some nice items for Scrap Composition, she can be a serious threat for all her enemies.

Since she is quite expensive I don’t expect you to get her to level three many times, since that can be really hard task to do, but if you can do it, you should do it by all means.

Her position should be somewhere in the second row, behind the frontliners, far enough not to take initial aggro, but close enough so she can start attacking soon when the battle begins, so she can fill up her mana and cast her ultimate.

Her items should be focused on pure attack damage that is in great harmony with The Striker trait. The best items for Irelia in TFT are The Infinity Edge, The Last Whisper and The Hand of Justice. She can also benefit from The Guinsoo’s Rageblade and The Edge of Night.

Ability: Bladesurge

Irelia dashes to her target, striking them for 180% of her Attack Damage plus bonus damage as physical damage. If this kills the target, she Bladesurges again at the lowest Health enemy.



The infamous Jar Jar Binks. Nah I’m just kidding. Although Jar Jar would be a better choice then this poor soul.

Jarvan came along when the Hextech trait was introduced in set 6.5. While the set was still in beta, everyone was talking about how op he is with the buff of attack speed that he brings to the game. I just don’t see it to be honest. You see, he does give that buff, but since he is a frontline champion, he only buffs to those around him, and around  him are ofc tanks, that really don’t care about his stupid buff. And if you try to be a smartass and place Sivir or Lucian somewhere near the front rows, they will get instantly crushed since they can not cope with the amount of damage that the frontline is exposed to.

He is quite a cheap unit, costing just 1 gold coin. But I really fail to see his point in game so far, he isn’t good with Hextechs nor is he good with Strikers, he is just there. Well since he is already here and we can’t really  do anything about that, then there is no other option than to buy him.

Since he is pretty cheap, that means that there are a lot of Jarvans in the pool, so at least you can always upgrade him to level 3 pretty early in the game. Not like that will help you in anyway, but it’s just cool to have a lot of level three units on board.

I really wouldn’t waste items on him, but if you are feeling courageous, then you can equip him with The Bramble’s Vest, The Warmog’s Armor and The Sunfire Cape. But that would be a waste.

His position is in the garbage. Nah just kidding, place him somewhere in the frontline so he can die pretty quickly so you don’t have to look at him.

Ability: Ageless Standard

Jarvan calls down his standard to a nearby location, granting all nearby allies bonus Attack Speed for 5 seconds.



Lulu in the previous sets was the real thing. The present Lulu is just a reflection of the real Lulu. According to Mobalytics she’s ranked as B-tier, which indicates that she is pretty bad. It’s as low as an official champion could be. She’s a waste of money, and I’m not sure the reason she costs 2 gold coins. Her purpose is to fulfill the need for an individual trait. This is especially true when we’re discussing The Yordle. The Enchanters could be useful because they’re an extremely powerful  particularly when used in conjunction with The Socialite trait. Lulu is pretty bad in any composition she’s in. But, in The Yordle composition, you receive free units in every fight. You can choose to obtain her as soon as you can when you play The Enchanters.

As I said, we can find some use for her in that particular composition, but still not enough to equip her with items. I mean, if you have a spare Spear of Shojin, you can go for it, but I think you can find a much better purpose for it with any other enchanter. On the top of my head, I am thinking about Senna.

So that’s for items, as for position anywhere behind the front line of champions, or somewhere in the backline so she can take aggro from The Assassins if there are any, and protect some stronger and more important units.

If you are going for The Yordles, she will basically upgrade herself, and if you are not, I wouldn’t bother much about it. Level two if you really have to and lvl three if you just get three Lulu’s at your shop.

Ability: Wild Growth

Lulu embiggens low Health allies, granting them bonus Health and knocking up enemies near them. If the ally is already embiggened, they are healed instead.

Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune

MF (shorth of Miss Fortune, and not the Samuel L. Jackson thing) is a overall great champion and one of the most universal ones in the game), but she took a hard nerf with the patch so she is now with the losers in B tier. But it doesn’t matter, we still love you Miss. Anyways, here is a brief description about her.

Because of the Blitz, she is best placed at the bottom of the board.

Miss Fortune is an excellent pick since she combines AD and AP so well like old Akali or Jax used to do in League of Legends. She benefits both from AD items such are The Bloodthirster or Infinity Edge, Attack speed items like Guinsso, or she can just go full mental with a Blue Buff, Rabbadon’s Deathcap, and Jeweled Gauntlet.

It doesn’t matter what items you put on her, it will work. Perhaps I am just a little confused, but I would save sustain products for Cait and Jhin and use all of the AP stuff to make MF work.

I have found out she is pretty quickly maxed to level three, so if you see her in your shop, go for it! With maxed items and at the maximum level, she can do some severe damage.

Trust me. I know what I am talking about.

Ability:Make it Rain

Miss Fortune rains 4 waves of bullets down around a random enemy, dealing magic damage to enemies in the area and reducing their incoming healing by 50% for 6 seconds.



The demon of fear came from the nightmares of children from Runterra.

Nocturne came with the patch 12.5 and has found a place with The Hextechs. He is also an assassin. With a price of just one golden coin he is a unit that can be bought for pennies and I think he is definitely worth the money. When compared to Twitch who is also an Assassin he is much better choice.

I’m not saying that Nocturne is the best champion in the game but he can deal some nice chunks of damage in the early stages of the game. Of course, as the game progresses his damage decreases. Well, not technically decreases but simply can not cope against some stronger units, with or without items.

He does came in handy since for both of his traits you can activate the bonus early on. For Assassin’s you can have 3 Assassin bonus on the level three, and for the Hextech as well.

Speaking about items, he will benefit from some damage items that can work well with his burst. Those items would be The Infinity Edge, The Bloodthirster, The Last Whisper and some similar stuff. But the question that rises here is, is he worth upgrading with items? I would say no. He is cheapest Assassin and Hextech and there are simply better units that can use those items better. Especially in The Assassin composition where every single unit on the team uses the same items. So, just don’t waste them because they are pretty damn good items.

But, not everything is bad in here. Since he is quite cheap, that means that in the pool there are many Nocturnes. And with many units in the pool he can be levelled to level three very soon. Even without items, a unit on level three early on can win you many battles and save you a lot of gold. So he is definitely worth upgrading, for sure.

His position, like every Assassin is in the back line, across the Hex you want him to jump onto at the beginning of each battle.

Ability: Unspeakable Horror

Nocturne terrifies his target, stunning them with fear and dealing magic damage over the duration.



This girl was so underrated through the entire Set 6. I agree with you. Quinn is not considered a damage champion. She was  good  for  quite  some time but  she has drastically  fallen into the infamous B tier.

She does deal damage but that is not what you should be focusing on. Quinn is a utility champion whose primary purpose is to disable and disarm her enemies using her ult. This is why the name “Disarming Assault” was chosen.

If you use her correctly, she can be a real charm. She can be useful in any composition if you add an enhance. These benefits are huge. She not only disarms her foes but also reduces Attack damage to nearby enemies for a full four seconds.

She is very important both to the Mercenaries and Challenger compositions. Relatively low cost, starting at just two gold, this champion is the one you can max with levels, and you won’t even feel it since she is so underused and played just to fill a spot for the trait.

As for positioning, she is quite versatile. She can go in the lower end of the board, along with some Snipers, or she can go in the middle, standing behind strong tanks, while giving them her massive support! 

Item-wise, I wouldn’t spend some of the better items on her since her primary role is not to deal damage but rather to disable and disarm. She would be most beneficial to your team if you equip her with some attack speed items so she can disarm as many opponents as she can while she is still alive in that particular combat. If you get a hold of The Sniper emblem she is the champion to put it on.

Ability: Disarming Assault

Quinn sends Valor out at her target, dealing magic damage to the target and nearby enemies. The main target is disarmed for 3 seconds and all nearby enemies have their Attack Damage reduced by for 4 seconds.



Senna The Socialite Enchantress, was born in the long-awaited patch 6.5. The abilities she has to support players in game are extremely effective and can be seen throughout combat in the TFT arenas. If used properly she could also cause severe damage. If the game permits, with making the spot somewhere in the backline, you should place her in the Socialite place. 

Apart from damage to her enemies, she also has a built-in healing kit like Seraphine so she is pretty gold efficient champion, that has many uses in game and she is a must have pick for any of her traits. Also she works as a glue that connects two very compatible synergies, The Socialite and The Enchanter traits.

While she’s an easy squishy champ, and  the damage that she has won’t be as strong until she is at her highest level. Her price is 3 gold coins. It is expected that she will appear at some point in the middle of the game. It will take lots of money to get the third level on Senna. If you do not have the ability to manage the economy in game effectively, you will not be able to fully utilize her potential.

Her placement should be somewhere in the back of the field, but she might go even somewhere through the middle of the arena if The Socialite spot is placed there. The more she is placed at the front of the map, the higher the chances of her being killed off early in the fight. You will need to find a balance for her placement and have some strong front line if you want her to survive and heal your other champions while dishing out tons of damage.

She benefits mostly from AP items, but this can be upgraded with some form of sustain or Attack speed as well. I would recommend The Hextech Gunblade as your primary item since she deals damage, heals her allies, and if you have this item, she will heal herself as well. That is the core item for her build, whether you are going for The Socialite or The Enchanter composition. The Second item can be some form of AP, with The Rabbadon’s Death Cap being the best solution for obvious reasons, but it can even be a mix of AP and mana, with the items in question being The Chalice of Power or The Archangel’s Staff. The third item is decided by the current game you are playing. It should ultimately be a decision between The Guinsoo’s Rageblade and The Edge of The Night or The Quicksilver.

As I said earlier, she should be a priority for leveling and levelled to level three as fast as you can, but that won’t be an easy task, so be prepared to lose a lot of HP until you manage to do that.

Ability: Piercing Darkness

Senna fires a beam in the direction of her target, dealing 160% of her Attack Damage as physical damage to all enemies hit. For each enemy hit, she heals the lowest health ally for 50% of the damage dealt.



Seraphine is one of the better picks both for The Innovator as well as The Socialite composition. She has been around from the beginning of the set  6 and has stayed with us all the way trough the current patch 6.5 The Neon Nights! She is an epic unit and she has the power that can back up her high cost of four gold coins.

Her ultimate  spell is pretty strong, and as she increases her level, so does the power output  that she has. But damage is not the only thing Seraphine brings to the game, since her ability also has built in AOE heal for all allies that her ultimate passes trough. This is the thing that makes her a valuable pick for both of her  traits, but she could also work great in  compositions where she  is just a fill champion and she could benefit greatly from some Augment Emblems  equipped  on her, such as The Arcanist emblem or  The Scholar Emblem.

As I said earlier, she is quite an expensive treat for any player so levelling her to the maximum level is something that most  of the players won’t be able to  achieve, but if they manage, that would be great!

Her items should be focused on Mana and Ap, so The Archangel’s Staff, The Rabbadon’s Deathcap and The Blue Buff are great options on her. But she can also work with The Jeweled Gauntlet too!

Her positioning should be somewhere, where she is protected from  the direct attacks both  from the enemies front and  back line. So somewhere  in the middle of the field, so she can have enough time to fire her ultimate  at least twice with full items.

Ability: Encore

Seraphine projects her song towards the largest group of enemy units, dealing magic damage to enemies. Allies it passes through are healed and gain bonus Attack Speed for 4 seconds.



Talon was one of the best Assassins in the game, and a decent Debonair too.. But he has been stomped over with many other units that have gotten huge buffs so he now belongs with the  losers in B tier. With the arrival of The Neon Nights, along came Talon. The Debonair Assassin.

Talon is one of those units that cost a few pennies but he is definitely worth it. He is among units with the best price-worth ratio. For 2 golden coins you do get a lot. Great burst power, with the ability to delete enemy’s back line in seconds. With a proper set of items he can even take on some Bruisers and Bodyguards. And that’s not all of it, if you choose The VIP Talon from The Debonair composition he will get yet another bonus. Believe it or not, the good news don’t stop there. Since he is so cheap, there are many of Talon units in the pool, so you can level him to maximum pretty early  in the game. And if he is on level three early in the game, that can be a game changer.

Definitely an S tier unit in my opinion. He brings insane amount of damage to the game, and he even has some decent sustain, considering that he is, in fact, an Assassin.

He benefits greatly from some high damage items, but I like to put some attack speed and lifesteal on him, so he can stay much longer in battle. For me, best items for Talon are The Bloodthirster, The Infinity Edge, The Guinsoo’s Rageblade is a must! He works pretty damn well with The Last Whisper, and for some nice sustain The Edge of Night is the best choice.

Like I said, he is a cheap unit and there is a lot of him in the pool. You should take this opportunity and use it in your advantage. You should level him asap, and in both of his compositions that should be your priority.

His position, like every Assassin is in the back line, across the Hex you want him to jump onto at the beginning of each battle.

Ability: Blade’s End

Passive: Talon’s 1st attack on an enemy causes them to bleed for magic damage over 7 seconds. Every 3rd attack on a target applies an additional bleed.

VIP Bonus: Bleed deals true damage and lasts 100% longer.



This set is a tough one for the tiny rat as per my opinion. I don’t think he’s unimportant, but I’m going to be very rough with him as his only purpose is to acquire The Chems trait and to be killed before the other units.

Every time I have tryed to incorporate him in both of his traits he wouldn’t work. He wouldn’t work as Chemtech, he doesn’t work as an Assassin. If he had an ult that was different from the one you see today, he could be an outstanding champ. Or maybe he could just be invisible like he is in Summoner’s rift. He could be so strong if his ult increased attack speed as fast as when you equip Guinsoo’s Rageblade. But in this case, I feel like his basic attacks are stronger than his ult. I wish he just wouldn’t ult at all. Just do the basic attacks and he may do some damage.

One may think that he is bad since he is cheap but there other cheap units that rock. Take Illaoi, for example, Garen from an earlier patch, Kassadin from both patches? Come on. He had to be better. 

He is easy to get on the level three at least since he is pretty cheap and relatively underplayed so that is at least something to count on.

You can position him anywhere, but I would use him as a shield for your carry unit, so somewhere in the back of the board.

I wouldn’t waste any items on Twitch since it would be a waste of resources.

Ability: Piercing Bolt

Twitch fires a powerful bolt towards his target that pierces through enemies hit, dealing a percent of his Attack Damage as physical damage and applying 50% Grievous Wounds for 5 seconds.



You might be disappointed after reading this But Ziggs is not a good choice.  He was good for the first two patches of the Set 6, but even then, he was not a Yordle you could put your money on. Whatever you place on him, he will not fulfil your expetations, since he is rubbish. There is no point in upgrading him. He could be more efficient when it comes to the Arcanist composition since he has the passive Arcanist ability that increases his AP. He is, however, one of the weaker champs. Actually he is the weakest by far.

His price is low and the standard that he has set is even lower. If I had to guess I would say he’s worth 0.5 gold. This is good enough, I think.

His ability is nothing special. At least in some previous sets, he had a knock-up that was verbatim copied from his W in the Summoners Rift, and now it’s a mix of his Q and his R, having the worst from both. With the Yordle trait active, he will be easily upgraded to level three, but it is not important, to be honest, since his only job is to fill the empty space that is needed to activate the trait. His main reason for getting to level three is summoning The Yordle Lord Veigar himself.

Ability: Mini Inferno Bomb

Ziggs hurls a bomb at his target. After a moderate delay, the bomb lands dealing magic damage to the enemy in the epicenter, and half to adjacent enemies.



Zilean is a low-cost champion starting with the price of two gold coins. He was released with the Set 6 called The Gizmos and Gadgets and he was among the lucky bunch to stay with the arrival of The Neon Nights.

I personally quite like Zilean, and I can’t say why. I mean he is old man that’s throwing some kind of bombs or rocks, I’m not even sure. His look’s are definetly due for some upgrades, and I hope Riot is going to finalize that project in the days that are coming.

Even though he is on the relatively lower end of the champions spectrum, I have always had the difficulty of getting him to level 3. And he isn’t even played that much since Clockworks aren’t something that people usually decide to play since it is a weaker strategy compared to some others.

But in case you are among the lucky ones, and you get him to the max level, he can do some serious damage with his bombs. He will work well with any kind of AP items you can grab. Try positioning him behind your tanks so the focus won’t be on him but still won’t receive much damage if the enemy is playing assassins.

Zilean can benefit the best with The Blue Buff, The Jeweled Gauntlet and The Rabbadon’s Deathcap. If he is your carry try to protect him the best way you can, but it is not something I would do, If I were you. At least have some backup carrie behind him, possibly some ADC would be the best choice.

Ability: Time Bomb

Zilean places a bomb on the closest enemy, stunning them.

When the stun ends, or the target dies, the bomb explodes dealing magic damage to adjacent enemies and applying Attack Speed Slow for 3 seconds.


So this concludes our Champion Tier List for B Tier, Patch 12.6 of Teamfight Tactics! You can see that some of the champions mentioned above were quite a good units before the Patch 12.6 , but now have fallen down in tiers, whether it is because they have received nerfs or simply because other units have gotten stronger with buffs and that made them descend into this list.

One thing is for sure, and that is, META changes every week with every new patch, so even if you see your champion on this list, don’t despair since you might just see him among the best units in the S tier as soon as the next patch hits the servers.

Stay tuned, there is many more interesting things to come, and definitely more Tier lists to cover for Patch 12.6 of Teamfight Tactics. Only on, The Games Cabin!