TFT Set 7: Every Champion, Origin and Class Revealed

TFT SET & released

The day has finally come! The moment that we have all been waiting for. After the not so successful Set 6.5 , we have found the latest leaked information about TFT Set 7.

It is time to let you in on the newest information that we have and show you all the TFT Set 7 leaked information! As you have already heard, the new TFT Set 7 is called The Dragonlands, and it revolves around dragons as you might have already guessed.

Now the moment we have all been waiting for. Every TFT Set 7 champion, origin and class revealed down below!

augments tft set 7
Augments TFT Set 7



Every 5 times you refresh your shop, there is an increased chance to find Astral units. Your team also gains bonus AP and you gain star orbs.

  • (3) 5 AP
  • (6) 30 AP, value of star orbs increased
  • (9) 60 AP, star orbs can also contain items (components?)


Whisperers shred the armor and magic resist of enemies they attack by 40%, this debuff lasts 6 seconds. When they attack debuffed targets, Whisperers gain AD and AP.  

  • (2) +3 AD and AP
  • (4) +6 AD and AP
  • (6) +9 AD and AP
  • (8) +15 AD and AP


When this trait is active, summons movable Jade statues on your board, which grow in strength throughout the game. During combat, Jade statues radiate a buff every 2 seconds that increase attack speed of allied units next to Jade statues as well as healing them. When Jade statues die, they deal of their HP as 50% magic damage to nearby units.

  • (2) 1 Statue, 3% HP Regen + 20% Attack Speed
  • (4) 2 Statues, 6% HP Regen + 40% Attack Speed
  • (6) 3 Statues, 9% HP Regen + 60% Attack Speed
  • (8) 4 Statues, 25% HP Regen + 100% Attack Speed


Shimmerscale trait grants random unique items.

  • (3) 1 Shimmerscale item
  • (5) 2 Shimmerscale items
  • (7) 3 Shimmerscale items
  • (9) 5 Shimmerscale items + the Crown of Champions


When you add more guild units to your board, all units on your board get stronger. Each Guild unit gives your entire board a different stat bonus. Guild units get double this bonus.

Twitch: +10% Attack Speed

Sejuani: +100 Max HP

Ryze: +10 AP

Talon: +10 AD

Bard: Your units gain 2 mana on attack

Guild Emblem: Your units gain 3% Omnivamp

  • 100% Guild Rewards
  • 120% Guild Rewards
  • 140% Guild Rewards
  • 180% Guild Rewards
  • 225% Guild Rewards
  • 275% Guild Rewards


9 seconds after combat starts, all enemy units get struck by lightning, stunning them for 2 seconds and dealing true damage based on their max HP. Tempest units gain bonus attack speed.

  • (2) 8% max HP true damage, 25% attack speed
  • (4) 18% max HP true damage, 50% attack speed
  • (6) 25% max HP true damage, 80% attack speed
  • (8) 40% max HP true damage, 150% attack speed


When you have no dragons on your board, Scalescorns deal bonus magic damage and take 30% less damage from units that have more than 2500 max HP.

  • (2) 30% more magic damage
  • (4) 60% more magic damage
  • (6) 100% more magic damage


At the start of every combat round, adjacent units around a Legendary unit (Volibear, Anivia, Ornn) offer their own spirit to the Legendary unit. Legendary unit will gain their stats (100% of their Max HP, armor and magic resist, 40% of their AP).


When Revel units deal damage with their abilities, they fire a rocket at a random nearby enemy unit doing magic damage.

  • (2) 125 magic damage
  • (3) 200 magic damage
  • (4) 300 magic damage
  • (5) 450 magic damage


Ragewing units convert mana into fury. Ragewing units gain 15 fury on attack. After casting their ability at max fury, they gain a massive steroid + 30% attack speed for 4 seconds. They cannot generate fury again until the steroid wears off. Fury buff gives Ragewing units the following stats:

  • (3) +50% attack speed, +30% omnivamp
  • (6) +125% attack speed, +50% omnivamp
  • (9) +250% attack speed, +80% omnivamp


Every combat round, Trainers feed Gromp 1 biscuit. When Gromp eats a biscuit, it gains max HP and AP. After eating 25 biscuits, the Gromp gains 1 star.

  • (2) Summons Gromp
  • (3) Gromp’s ability damage is increased by 100%


Mirage units gain bonus movement speed.

When Mirage units attack, they gain a stack. Each stack gives bonus attack speed. Maximum of 10 stacks.

  • (2) 6% attack speed per stack
  • (4) 12% attack speed per stack
  • (6) 20% attack speed per stack
  • (8) 30% attack speed per stack


At the end of combat, Bard has a 10%*number of units alive chance to create a musical note. Every time Bard dances (???), he also creates a musical note.

For every musical note collected, Bard increases the chance of 3 cost, 4 cost and 5 cost units appearing in your shop by 1%.


champion duplicator tft set 7
Champion Duplicator TFT Set 7


Mages cast their abilities twice. They have a modified amount of total AP.

  • (3) 80% AP
  • (5) 105% AP
  • (7) 130% AP
  • (9) 175% AP


Swiftshots gain 2 attack range.

Swiftshots gain bonus attack speed for every hex between themselves and their target.

  • (2) 12% attack speed
  • (4) 25% attack speed
  • (6) 40% attack speed


There is no text, it is probably the same trait from set 6 or Brawler.


Warriors have a 25% chance to increase their next attack’s damage.

  • (2) 180% damage
  • (4) 250% damage
  • (6) 400% damage 


Cavaliers gain bonus armor and magic resist. When Cavaliers move, they dash to their target and double this bonus for 4 seconds.

  • (2) 40 armor, 40 magic resist
  • (3) 60 armor, 60 magic resist
  • (4) 80 armor, 80 magic resist
  • (5) 100 armor, 100 magic resist


During combat, when Guardians drop below 50% HP, they will shield themselves and the nearest ally for a % of their max HP. This shield can stack.

  • (2) 25% max HP shield
  • (4) 50% max HP shield
  • (6) 80% max HP shield


At the start of combat, Assassins jump to the enemy’s back row.

Assassin abilities can critically strike.

Assassins gain bonus crit chance and crit damage.

  • (2) 15% critical chance, 25% critical damage
  • (4) 30% critical chance, 45% critical damage
  • (6) 45% critical chance, 70% critical damage


There is no text, it is probably the same trait from set 4. Increases magic resist for your team.


Shapeshifters gain bonus max HP when they transform.

  • (2) 40% max HP
  • (4) 75% max HP
  • (6) 100% max HP


You can choose one of your units to receive the Dragon’s Blessing. This unit gains max HP and AP. For every star level your Dragonmancer units have, the power of the blessing is increased by 5%.

  • (3) +600 max HP, +25% AP
  • (6) +1200 max HP, +50% AP
  • (9) +1800 max HP, +80% AP


Every 5 seconds, Cannoneers fire a cannonball that does AoE physical damage at their target’s location.  

  • (2) 180% AD
  • (3) 240% AD
  • (4) 300% AD
  • (5) 400% AD


When allies or enemies cast their spells, Evokers gain mana.

  • (2) 3 mana
  • (4) 6 mana
  • (6) 10 mana


This is Zoe’s trait. She does not have her own spell, instead she “borrows spells from another dimension”.


This is Soraka’s trait. The first time Soraka casts her spell during every combat round, she heals the player’s Tactician by 2/4/100 HP, based on her star level.


Dragon units count as +3 to their vertical trait. For example, if you play Aurelion Sol, he gives +3 to Astral.

Dragon units require 2 slots to play on the board.

Dragon units gain 600 max HP.

This trait only works when you have only 1 Dragon unit on your board.


1 Gold

sejuani tft set 7
Sejuani TFT Set 7

Ezreal: Ezreal fires a missile at his target, if it hits an enemy, it deals magic damage and he gains attack speed. Stacks 5 times.

Karma: Fires spirit energy at her target, the first unit hit takes magic damage and does AoE damage in a small area around the impact point.

Tahm Kench: Shield himself for a flat amount + % of max HP for 6 seconds. When the shield is up, enemies that attack him suffer magic damage. Effect can only occur once every 3 seconds.

Sett: For 4 seconds, Sett gains armor and mr, and every 2nd auto attack do bonus physical damage

Leona: Leona buffs herself for 4 seconds, causing her to reduce the amount of damage she takes by a flat amount

Taric: Taric buffs himself and the nearest ally’s armor and magic resist

Heimerdinger: Heimerdinger throws eggs at the enemy with highest HP, doing damage and stunning him

Aatrox: Aatrox slash his target, doing physical damage and healing himself

Vladimir: Vladimir drains his target, doing magic damage and healing himself

Skarner: Skarner gains a shield for 8 seconds. While shielded, he gains a lot of attack speed

Sejuani: Sejuani cleaves enemies in a cone dealing damage, then damages and stuns enemies in a 2 hex line in front of her target

Nidalee: Nidalee transforms into her cougar form, becoming melee but gaining attack speed and movement speed. Every 3 attacks in cougar form she does bonus physical damage

2 Gold

braum tft set 7
Braum TFT Set 7

Ashe: Ashe fires 8 arrows toward her target, enemies hit suffer magic damage and have attack speed reduced by 30% for 3 second

Lillia: Lillia bonks her target, dealing magic damage in 1 hex AoE around her target location and the same damage again to the enemy in the middle.

Qiyana: Qiyana dash to the optimum position if available and throws a wind blast through them, dealing magic damage and disarming everyone hit

Yone: Has no active spell. Yone’s auto attacks alternate between doing magic damage or bonus physical damage

Tristana: Tristana fires bombs at 2 nearest enemies which stick to them. After 3 seconds, bombs explode dealing physical damage around them and magic damage to the main target

Braum: Braum raises his shield and reduces damage taken from that direction for 4 seconds

Nami: Nami launches water at her target, which bounces to 2 other targets, prioritizing low health targets. Heals allies and damages enemies

Kayn: Kayn swings his scythe in a line through his target, doing physical damage and extra magic damage to the first target hit

Shen: Shen creates a zone around him that protects allies from auto attacks. He gains magic resistance while the zone is up.

Twitch: Twitch throws an explosive cask at his target doing physical damage and reducing their armor for 5 seconds

Gnar: When Gnar transforms, he jumps to his target, knocking enemies up when he lands, then gains AD and armor for the rest of combat.

Jinx: Jinx throws a line of chompers at her target that detonate after a brief delay, doing magic damage and stunning enemies on top of them.

Thresh: Thresh hooks the furthest enemy and drags them 2 hexes towards his position

3 Gold

Lee Sin tft Set 7
Lee Sin TFT Set 7

Ryze: Ryze starts with 0 mana cost. He throws a magic projectile at his target, doing magic damage based on his mana. Every time he casts, he gains 20 mana and throws 1 additional projectile

Olaf: Passive: Every time Olaf dies, he gains 5 AD permanently. When he casts, Olaf strikes his target for physical damage based on his total AD and gaining attack speed. If he is below 50% health, the attack speed bonus is doubled.

Elise: Elise transforms into spider form. Her spell changes into Bite: She bites her target, doing magic damage. If this kills her target, she will rappel into the air and become untargetable, then drop on top of the next lowest health enemy unit and immediately cast bite again

Diana: Diana shields herself for 6 seconds and summons 5 orbiting stars. They explode when they hit an enemy, doing magic damage, the last one refreshes her shield.

Varus: Varus throws his R towards his target, stopping on the first enemy hit. Does physical damage and stuns the target hit for 1.5 seconds, then spreads to 3 other nearby enemies, doing magic damage to them and stunning them for the remainder of the duration

Swain: Transform into dragon form. After transformation, his auto attack changes to magic damage and his ability changes to: Swain’s next attack fires a bigger fireball that does 100% more damage and AoE damage

Senna: Senna throws a projectile at the farthest enemy, striking the first unit hit and all units in an area around the target for physical damage, then doing bonus magic damage to the primary target.

Illaoi: Illaoi summons 3 lashing tentacles that attack in a cone shape in front of her, doing magic damage and stealing armor and MR from enemies hit for herself for 6 seconds

Lulu: Lulu targets multiple nearby units, enemy units are polymorphed and disarmed, and ally units are sped up

Lee Sin: Lee Sin kicks his enemy, knocking it back and stunning it. The target and all enemies hit take magic damage.

Nunu: Nunu bites his target, doing damage. If the target is below a certain threshold, this does 33% more damage and becomes true damage instead.

Anivia: Anivia summons a storm around her target, doing magic damage over time and reducing magic resistance of enemies hit by 40%

Sylas: Sylas swing his chain around him, mana reaving enemies increasing their mana by 35%. If he hits enemies that are already mana reaved, he gains a shield

Volibear: Volibear becomes enraged and gains HP. For the rest of combat, every 3rd attack chains lightning, doing magic damage to his target and up to 3 other nearby enemies.

4 Gold

corki tft set 7
Corki TFT Set 7

Corki: Corki fires 4 rockets towards his target, exploding on the first target hit, The last rocket is bigger and does AoE damage in 1 hex radius around explosion point

Sona: Sona fires her ult at farthest enemy, causing every enemy hit to get stunned and take damage

Neeko: Neeko transforms into her nearest ally, adding his AD, AP, attack speed to her own, while copying his armor, MR, crit chance and crit damage. Neeko also gains a shield based on the copied ally’s max HP. When shield breaks, Neeko returns back to original form and casts her ult, doing magic damage around her. After that, Neeko needs 100 mana to cast her ult again.

Ornn: Ornn summons an elemental from outside the board towards the nearest enemy, doing magic damage to everything in its path and slowing them. When the elemental reaches Ornn, he redirects it towards the furthest enemy, doing magic damage to everything in its path and knocking them up

Hecarim: Hecarim cast his ult, dash to his target and deal magic damage to his target and in a range behind his target. Enemies hit take magic damage and are feared

Xayah: For 4 seconds, Xayah’s attacks also throw feathers behind her target and up to 2 other nearby enemies. After 4 second, feathers fly back to Xayah, doing damage to enemies hit

Talon: Talon stealths for 1.5 seconds and disperses blades around him, damaging enemies hit. Then he dashes to the furthest enemy hit by the blades, and blades will converge on his target, dealing damage again

Daeja (blue galio): His attacks passively do bonus magic damage and shred magic resistance. When he casts, he fires a lightning storm at the largest cluster of enemies, and his auto attacks within 5 seconds release waves of lightning that do damage in a line.

Shi Oh Yu (green galio): Shi Oh Yu enters Jade stance, gaining damage reduction, CC immunity and empowering her next 3 autoattacks with enhanced damage and different effects. First empowered attack does physical damage and stuns for 1.5 seconds, the next does true damage, and the final does physical damage in a line and knocks up all enemies hit, ending the stance.

Sy’fen (purple shyvana): Sy’fen dashes to the farthest enemy within a 2 hex range, doing physical damage and knocking up enemies hit. If he hits nothing, he charges again. After charging, his next autoattack does a big amount of bonus damage and ignores a percentage of his target’s armor

Idas (yellow shyvana): Idas takes a defensive stance reducing all damage she takes by a flat amount, then roars, healing herself and shielding all allies. While under her shield, units gain attack speed

5 Gold

Pyke: Pyke teleports to the largest cluster of enemies and strikes them in an X shape, dealing magic damage; the enemy in the center of the AoE takes more damage. If enemies hit are below 50% hp, they are marked for 8 seconds. If marked enemies drop below 30% hp, Pyke will execute them.

Yasuo: Yasuo shields himself and dashes through his target then spins, doing physical damage to everything around him. Every third cast hits a bigger area, does triple damage and knocks up. If he hits the last enemy alive, he will slash them repeatedly until they die.

Zoe: Zoe “casts spells from another dimension”. Apparently she shuffles her spell between the following:

Set 1 Kayle = Turns the lowest health ally invulnerable

Set 3.5 Janna = Sends out multiple tornados that speed up allies and knocks up enemies

Set 5 Ivern = Summons Daisy, who can cast an AoE stun around her

Set 6 Lux = Fires a laser towards the farthest enemy, damaging all enemies in a line

Soraka: Soraka gains 5 mana per attack when any of her allies drop below 50% HP. For 2 seconds after casting, Soraka summons a starfall on the board. Every time an ally is hit by a star, they are healed.

Bard: Bard fires his ult at the largest cluster of enemies, stunning them and debuffing them to take 20% more damage for 2 seconds. If this hits at least one enemy, Bard starts dancing

Aurelion Sol: Aurelion Sol summons an immovable black hole under an enemy unit. After 2 seconds, black hole explodes, doing AoE magic damage and reducing enemy attack speed(or damage?). After every cast, the size of black hole increases and does more damage.

Shyvana: Shyvana becomes untargetable and dash to the largest cluster of enemies, doing AoE magic damage explosion when she lands. After transforming, her spell changes to fire breath, which spits fire in a cone, setting enemies hit on fire and burning them for % max health magic damage.

Ao Shin: Ao Shin fires 15 lightning bolts spread amongst random enemy units. Deal magic damage to each enemy hit and steal 20 mana from each of them for himself.


And there you have it! Like always is first on the line with latest news! Teamfight Tactics Set 7 Revealed. We have shown you every single TFT Set 7 champion, origin and class! Use this information wisely so you can always be one step ahead of your opponents!


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