TFT Traits Tier List: A Tier

A tier list for Patch 12.6 of Teamfight Tactics!

With the conclusion of Tier List B, the time has come to cover Tier List A of Traits in the Patch 12.6 of Teamfight Tactics! These are the most balanced units in the game!


Bear in mind that with every patch, that usually comes out each week, there will be some changes in the meta since Riot Games are trying to create a perfect balance among the champions and traits in the game. So expect this to change every week. We have released and  started with the weakest champions that belong to the B tier and moved up! Now, we are going to do the same with traits too! Champions were not graded by their cost, since it is only logical that the more expensive champions will be stronger than those that cost fewer, but rather by their cost-worth ratio and by the impact on the game itself! Now when it comes to Traits, cost is irrelevant but some of  you might assume that they will be ranked by their number of units. This is also irrelevant, since they will be graded by their strength and utility when they are in the peak of their power!




The Bodyguard Trait

Bodyguards have increased Armor. Shortly after combat begins, Bodyguards gain a shield and taunt adjacent enemies, forcing them to attack the Bodyguard.

  • 275 Armor, 200 shield
  • 4
    • 150 Armor, 400 shield
  • 6
    • 250 Armor, 800 shield
  • 8
    • 450 Armor, 2000 shield

Bear in mind that with every patch, that usually comes out each week, there will be some changes in the meta since Riot Games are trying to create a perfect balance among the champions and traits in the game. So expect this to change every week. We have released and  started with the weakest champions that belong to the B tier and moved up! Now, we are going to do the same with traits too! Champions were not graded by their cost, since it is only logical that the more expensive champions will be stronger than those that cost fewer, but rather by their cost-worth ratio and by the impact on the game itself! Now when it comes to Traits, cost is irrelevant but some of  you might assume that they will be ranked by their number of units. This is also irrelevant, since they will be graded by their strength and utility when they are in the peak of their power!



The Bruiser Trait

Your team gains bonus maximum Health. Bruisers gain double the bonus.

  • 2
    • 125 Health
  • 4
    • 225 Health
  • 6
    • 450 Health
  • 8
    • 800 Health

The unkillable frontilne composition, or better known as The Bruiser Composition. Although some might say that they are almost the same as The Bodyguards, some players with more experience will know that they are not. I mean yes both of the champions in these two compositions are tanky units, but it really depends on what do you need in particular game.

The Bruisers are overall defensive unit since they get the flat amount of Health Points as a bonus for trait, and The Bodyguards will get a flat amount of Armour. They do use the same items, but if you are going against some strong AD units, of course The Bodyguards will be the better choice. But those kinds of game are highly unlikely to happen, as someone will always go for some kind of Ap. So that’s where Bruisers come in place since with a flat amount of hp they are designed to survive both the attacks from AD and AP champions. And you can buff them with items of your choice and depending on what do you need in that game.

The Bruisers are really powerful composition, and there is something scary when you see them.

This composition thirves in the frontline and you can make them even stronger with some cool Augments that buff the frontline champions. This composition is somewhat Augment dependent if you are going for full 8 Bruisers, but you can get that Emblem in many ways, not only from the Augment. There is the items and the Carousel too.



The Clockwork trait:

Your team has increased Attack Speed, with an additional increase per augment in the Hexcore.

  • 2
    • 10% Attack Speed +5% per augment
  • 4
    • 35% Attack Speed +10% per augment
  • 6
    • 80% Attack Speed +15% per augment

The synergy of Clockwork units and their allies gives them bonus attack speed, which works well with the Sniper unit. Clockworks and Sniper units are best when they work in pairs, as they deal the most damage with their basic attacks. This is why a team with Clockworks will perform well. These synergies are home to some of the most powerful TFT units currently in the game: Jayce Jhin and Orianna. This composition is somewhat Augment reliant, but that’s only the case if you wish to go for 6 clockworks.

The beauty of the Clockwork composition is the one that it relies on the good, old raw mechanical power from basic attacks. You will do most of your damage through them and, since the composition enhances your attack speed, the chances are, if you do well with your items, you will do some serious damage in a short period of time.

One may take a comparison between The Clockwork and The Challenger trait as they both work in a similar level, and as proof for that, and a kind of teaser, Riot implemented both of those traits on Cammile.



The Colossus composition is the one that I guarantee you have never seen in the game, and you are not likely to see it at all. This composition is for the most experienced players in the game since it is so difficult to pull off. I have only managed to complete it just a couple of times.

The beauty of The Colossus Composition is the one that it only has 3 units in it’s arsenal. Out of whom you only need 2 to have the Colossus bonus active. But don’t worry, I will cover all three units in case some of you decide to go for a different strategy than the one I have prepared for you in this In-depth guide.

You can chose from the variety of compositions to be your supporting composition since there are only 3 units. Basically those units should be among The MutantThe Bodyguard,The HextechThe Bruisers and The Socialite compositions.

Whatever composition you chose, if you manage to finish it you will complete The Unkillable Composition of Colossus and supporting traits in Teamfight Tactics!

Another amazing thing about this composition is that Augments can help you in so many ways, and with the correct Emblems you can complete even more trait bonuses apart from the ones you have active. You can get a lot of these Emblems trough items combined with spatula too, and you can find them in The Carousell. Any of those Emblems can help you, whether it is MutantBodyguard, BruiserSocialiteHextech or any other that you want in your game!



The Enchanter Trait:

Your team has bonus Magic Resist. Enchanters gain bonus healing and shielding.

  • 2
    • 25 Magic Resist; 25% healing and shielding
  • 3
    • 45 Magic Resist; 45% healing and shielding
  • 4
    • 70 Magic Resist; 70% healing and shielding
  • 5
    • 100 Magic Resist; 100% healing and shielding



The Enforcer Trait

Enforcers stun enemies at the start of combat. The target breaks free after 3 seconds, or after losing 40% of their maximum Health. Enforcers will not try to stun enemies who are immune to crowd control effects.

  • 2
    • The enemy with the most Health.
  • 4
    • And the enemy who dealt the most damage last combat.

Enforcer composition for TFT is one of those compositions that has very few units in it, and even though it can sometimes seem like that is a bad thing, I do not share that opinion. You see, when a certain Origin or Class has a small amount of units, that brings an opening to many other traits to come as a support in your composition.

The Enforcer composition is one of those. With just 4 units in its kit, itself does not hold the power to stand on its own against some other much stronger compositions, and would be deleted in seconds, or at least in the first rounds of the game.

This composition is also one of the least Augment dependant compositions in the game. I mean, if you do get the bonus Augments for  The Enforcers trait, even better since  you can focus on some other strategies and still rock the Enforcer bonus. And if you don’t, you can always look for an Augment that suits for one of the supporting traits. But, again, even if you don’t, no harm done.



The Scholar Trait

Your team gains Mana every 2 seconds.

  • 2
    • 5 Mana
  • 4
    • 10 Mana
  • 6
    • 20 Mana

The Scholar Composition in Teamfight Tactics is a composition whose trait is the Scholar trait. The Scholar trait is a very strong trait since it gives its units the buff of mana regeneration.

The Scholar composition’s buff is a strong weapon for its units, since a lot of those units are scaling Ap champions that benefit greatly from the mana buff, since it helps them cast their ultimates a couple of times per battle.

This composition is very strong, even on it’s own since it has some of the most powerful units in the game like Syndra and Silco. They have an immense power, but they lack sustain. So even though they are pretty strong on their own, they need some help in the form of sustain. In my opinion the best choice for that help are The Debonair and The Bodyguard traits and its units.

When we are talking about The Debonair trait, make sure that Syndra is your VIP unit since she is the most powerful champion in this composition, even though she is very cheap and may seem like a weak option. You should always have at least 3 Debonairs in the field, simply for the reason so Syndra can activate her VIP bonus.

This composition is somewhat Augment dependant since to activate the 6 Scholar maximum bonus you need another unit equipped with The Scholar Emblem, apart from the original 5 ones that the game offers. This shouldn’t be a problem since not a huge amount of players are playing this composition.



The Striker trait

Strikers gain bonus Attack Damage.

  • 2
    • 30 Attack Damage
  • 4
    • 70 Attack Damage
  • 6
    • 120 Attack Damage

The Striker composition is one of those compositions that focus purely on attack damage. They are a kind of like ad carries in The League of Legends. Although they champions definitely don’t feel like adc’s.

The Striker composition guide will show you how to manipulate the board and get the best out of your units in every game you opt for them. They are really strong composition and they are in great harmony with The Hextech composition. But unlike The Hextech composition, The Striker’s are actually pretty well. You are more likely to win a game where your main composition are the Strikers and your supporting one are The Hextechs, than vice versa.

The thing to know about Strikers in Teamfight Tactics, is that they are strong, like really strong. But their problem is, since their bonus is strong but pretty basic, they can get countered. And get countered hard. You can counter them with The Bodyguards or Bruisers, or basically the items like Titan’s Resolve or The Bramble’s vest. So they are a bit like a double edged sword. But you can’t win if you don’t risk, am I right?

The Striker composition is actually pretty well balanced, having both pretty strong units, but the ones that are on the weaker side too.

This composition is somewhat Augment dependant since there are only 5 units that carry The Striker badge, so if you want to have the full potential of The Striker Composition unlocked, you will need The Striker Emblem that can be acquired trough an Augment, item + Spatula or trough Carousel.

With this Striker master guide you will learn the best way to utilize the strongest units in The Striker composition, and how to make use of those weaker ones too.



The Twinshot Trait

Twinshots gain bonus Attack Damage. When a Twinshot attacks, they have a chance to attack twice instead.

  • 2
    • 10 Attack Damage, 40% chance
  • 3
    • 25 Attack Damage, 55% chance
  • 4
    • 45 Attack Damage, 70% chance
  • 5
    • 80 Attack Damage, 100% chance

The Twinshot composition, is a composition that believes that quantity tops quality. But it’s not what you think. You see, there are only 4 units that share the Twinshot trait, and we could divide them into 2 really bad ones and 2 great ones. So we can see that Riot has balanced this one perfectly, and that is something that they don’t do very often.

The Twinshot trait is a special one because its bonus helps the units in this composition to launch more attacks when they fire their basic attack. But not only that, since the primary thing in this composition is that it buffs the attack damage of its units, and gives them a chance to attack twice, rather than just once per single auto attack. This can be a really strong buff if you equip your Twinshot champions with some good Attack Speed and Attack damage items. The more attack speed means that the units will launch their basic attacks more times per second, so again there is a higher chance that with some of those basic attacks they will attack twice. And the bonus attack damage means that they will kill their enemies faster then usual. Combine those two things and you get a pretty strong composition.

But The Twinshot composition is not without it’s flaws. You see, like I said, there are only 4 units in this composition and they are completely different from one another, so apart from the Twinshot bonus that they activate when they are on the field, there is absolutely nothing that connects this units. Also , the units are quite squishy, with the Gangplank being the strongman of the bunch. And he is pretty weak. You see what I’m talking about.

You will need a lot of other champions to cover their back and activate some strong trait bonuses if you are going to win with these guys.

The another problem occurs when it comes to the items, since every single item that you need for this composition is Attack Damage or Attack Speed item, and even in the perfect case scenario that is really something highly unlikely to happen. So you have to use what the game gives you and get creative. Who knows , you might just find some loophole and find that your Lucian or Jinx are scaling with Ap! But, again, highly unlikely.

Now, I don’t want to break your spirit, but the issues don’t end there, the main problem with Twinshots is that you are so highly Augment dependant, since there is no chance to get The Twinshot Emblem trough the items or The Carousel. This basically means that you have to pray to the Dear Lord and Saviour that the game gives you The Twinshot Augment, so you can count as you have additional Twinshot in the team. This wouldn’t be such a problem, since the game is designed to give you what you need most of the time. But, the way that this works is that game looks at your units and sees what synergy you are going for and suggests you some of the compatible Augments. Some of you, more experienced players will see right away what the problem is. The champions. Basically since your cheapest unit is Corki with the cost of 2 golden coins, you will miss that train when it come to the first Augment choice, and since you other two units, Lucian and Gangplank, cost 3 gold coins, you are again likely to miss even the second Augment choice in the game. Basically your last chance is the third Augment pick, if you manage to get all of your units, and the game has mercy so you gain the additional Twinshot trait active.



The Yordle Trait

  • After each player combat, a random Yordle is added to your bench for free.
    • 3
  • Bonus Active
    • 6
  • Yordle’s Abilities cost 25% less to cast.

The adorable creatures originate  from Runterra and have found their way into the TFT. While they might appear cute but the little Yordles could be dangerous and cause serious injuries. Some of them have stayed around following patch 6.5 while others have left to take a much-needed rest. The units that went missing were replaced by newer and more powerful units. Tristana and Heimer were all gone, however Gnar, Corki and others were brought in, which I believe is a great replacement.

This is one of the most riskiest compositions of the game. This is why. After the elimination of The Dodge chance, your early game is a bit poor. The late game is awe-inspiring when you summon the Yordle Lord Veigar. This is the most high turnover rate of all the comps. While it’s risky, there are some benefits. For instance you can make a few Yordles following each fight you have with your adversaries. It’s a fantastic way to manage your income. Because your units self-level  you do not need to reroll them.

This is among the most popular compositions as we’ve mentioned earlier. The chances of you receiving Yordles early on are pretty great since their most expensive unit costs three gold coins, and that is Gnar. Every other unit is pretty cheap and you can buy them for one gold coin, Ziggs and Poppy, two gold coins for Corki and Lulu and three for Gnar and Vex.

This is the best composition in the current set when it comes to the gold saving and economy. The reason for this is that after each fight you get free Yordles that appear on your bench and level up the existing units when you assemble three of the same kind. This means you won’t spend your gold on rerolling your shop, but rather save it and invest it in levelling up yourself, or your Little Legend! This also means that your chances of getting level 9 in game are pretty great since half of the job is already done. Considering all of these facts, as you probably can figure out by yourself, you are likely to win the game when you play Yordles.

But, there is a downside to this, of course. You see, I am not the smartest person in the whole wide world, and I am not the only one that has figured out this little cheat. Many other players have. And that is the reason why you are likely to lose a game where you play them since there is a high possibility that at least 3 more players are going to play them too. But if, by any chance you are the only one that does, or there is just one player that is playing them, then you should definitely go for it!


This is the end of our Trait A Tier List for Patch 12.6 of Teamfight Tactics! 

One thing is for sure, and that is, META changes every week with every new patch, so even if you see your champion on this list, don’t despair since you might just see him among the best units in the S tier as soon as the next patch hits the servers.

Stay tuned, there is many more interesting things to come, and definitely more Tier lists to cover for Patch 12.6 of Teamfight Tactics. Only on, The Games Cabin!