TFT Traits Tier List: S Tier

S tier list for Patch 12.6 of Teamfight Tactics!

It is time for the best of the best in Patch 12.6 in Teamfight Tactics! This is the S tier list!


The Tier Lists are going to show you what champions and traits are meta in the newest patch 12.6 that came out earlier this week. This tier list will help you find out what TFT champions should you play and abuse and what champions you should stay clear off.

Bear in mind that with every patch, that usually comes out each week, there will be some changes in the meta since Riot Games are trying to create a perfect balance among the champions and traits in the game. So expect this to change every week. We are going to star with the weakest champions that belong to the B tier and move up! We are going to do the same with traits too! Champions are not graded by their cost, since it is only logical that the more expensive champions will be stronger than those that cost fewer, but rather by their cost-worth ratio and by the impact on the game itself!




 If you’re looking to kill your foes using your magic, then Arcanists is the best choice. If you’re getting AP items in the early stages of the game, they’re an excellent option. Since you have 2 one gold arcanists, it is possible to obtain them during the early stages of the game. Brand and Ziggs are the arcanists.

 This composition is highly augment depended if you want to go all-in with 8 arcanists. You should probably hope to get some Augments that match them, like the ones specially meant specifically for their use. But the thing that helps is that you have the option of a few options for obtaining the 8th arcanist’s emblem that is Augments, Tome of Traits, and the combination of The needlesly large rod and The Golden Spatula.  

Since they do a lot of  damage but they do not have the sustain, you are very dependent on items. Even when you don’t own two Hextech Gunblades it does not mean you are out of luck. There are Swain and Vex, who are both quite broken right now. The Arcanists have been through a few changes with the release of patch 6.5 and, as a result, instead of the older Arcanists We have Brand and Ahri and they are, much better option.

The Arcanists are a generic basic, straight-forward but powerful burst play style composition. The principle behind the Arcanist build is to keep acquiring Arcanist units, and to build up the Arcanist trait synergy as long as you can. This type of play does not require specific strategies. The only thing you require is to concentrate on economy, while upgrading and maintaining the levels of your units.



The Clockwork and The Sniper traits are topics we’ve covered in the past. I have been trying to write these articles in an order that I will release Guides for traits that are somewhat compatibile with each other. This is also the case with The Challenger trait since both Clockwork and Sniper champions can overlap with The Challengers to complete a strategy and have the best composition with amazing harmony with the other traits.

The Challenger composition is our favorite pick of the day. This composition is an extremely strong and dependent choice. If you like high-speed-high-damage compositions, Challengers are the best choice for you. The Challenger trait is mainly focused on high speed attacks with the most of the time focused on the damage dealt by the basic attacks of the champions, but in case you haven’t figured it out by now, the faster a champion attacks, the faster his mana is recharging and as a result of that, your champions will be able to use their Ultimate abilities more times in that case , compared to compositions where Attack speed and Mana regeneration are not the main focus, or at least a result from the main bonus of the said trait.

Challenger Trait currently houses two of most powerful units in this game: Kai’Sa, and Tryndamere. These two powerful units can help you win virtually any matchup, and they are extremely useful because of their itemization. The Challengers are easy to learn, but most units require a lot Gold and luck in order to be obtained on time.

So you need to know the best way to transform the build into something strong. 



You will be a little augment dependent if you are looking to completely destroy your enemies. with your ultimate 9 Chemtech compositions. But, this could be solved with the Giant’s belt and the Spatula.If you manage to do that, the chances of obtaining the 9 Chems you’re looking for are extremely high.

If I’m honest 7 Chems is enough. I’ve had many wins playing using 7 Chems on my game board. It was on both the old and the new set.

The Chemtechs composition is designed for those who want to unwind and not think about how all your traits and champions will interplay. There are 7 Chems to play and it’s easy to obtain the Chemtech emblem by combining it with an augment or the combo of Spatula and The Giants Belt.



Debonair trait has been released in the mid-season patch. With The Neon Nights, along came the Debonairs. Out of all new and old compositions in the game right now, the best one among all of them are The Debonairs for sure. There is simply not enough damage nor sustain that can hold of the amounts of damage that this composition can deal when executed correctly.

This composition is not just basic composition that you combine origin with class to create a prefect synergy. I mean, yes you do all of that but that’s not all. There is something called The VIP Bonus in The Debonair trait. The VIP Bonus is a type of bonus that is unique for each champion in The Debonair composition, and to activate it you need to purchase a special VIP unit of the Debonairs.

The bonuses are pretty strong, and they are different for each champion in this composition. There is also a limit of just one VIP champion in you composition. Meaning that if you buy VIP Brand, you will not be able to buy VIP Draven or Syndra since you can only have one.

But there is a solution for this one too. You can sell your VIP unit, and once you do that, the other VIP units will start appearing in your shop.

I do not recommend buying any VIP units before you actually get the one you want in your shop. The reason for this is pretty simple. You see, once you buy that unit, which will be a level 1 unit, and you buy 2 more level 1 units of the same champion, that champion will become a level 2 unit, and if you in any point of the game decide to sell that unit, you will not be able to sell level 1 unit, but will have to waste a level two, or God forbid level three unit. That is a waste of champion, time, money and effort. So just stay away from VIP units until you find one in the shop that you actually want.

It is very hard to rank the VIP units according to their respective bonuses, but from what I have found out, The VIP Syndra with full items and Scholars as your supporting trait will not lose a game. Ever. But Talon is good to. Well Draven and Zeri are too, I mean and Brand is fine too. You see what I am talking about? All of them are good, but I just prefer Syndra since you can get her to level three VIP Syndra early on in the game , so it is the best balance of the gold management and early strength.

The Debonair composition is a perfect example of the combination of damage and sustain since it provides its units with nice amount of Ability Power as well as Health. So you can crush your opponents while staying alive long enough to win the battle.



These are amusing to play and could be extremely powerful when combined with Snipers. These two compositions are extremely well-matched, and they’re in great harmony with each other. Miss Fortune is the primary champion of both compositions. She is not the strongest advocate for snipers, nor for mercenaries, but she is the only one that shares both traits. She is like a glue that holds everything in place and makes these two compositions harmonious.

Mercenaries are the best composition that you should use most of the time, because its champions aren’t used much for other comps apart from Quin, which is very beneficial in Challenger comp.

The Mercenaries composition is very powerful. It’s all about how many mercenaries your have. Three Mercs are not enough to have a significant impact However, five Mercs can do the trick. If you can put together all seven Mercs, every game will be yours!


kai sa

TFT has hit the jackpot with The Mutants since their kit revolves around The Unstable Evolution theme, and it really feels like that once you are in game. The Mutant’s unique design is fun as they don’t offer the same bonus for each game. The bonuses change constantly. There isn’t an infinite number of combinations. If you are playing five games there is a good chance that each time you are awarded a Mutant trait bonus, that will probably be different from the one you had in the last game.

 The Mutants also include a significant number of very good champions, according to my opinion. The comp has seen several adjustments and modifications since the patch was released. I believe it’s better because you can now be able to have all seven Mutants earlier and you don’t need to blend them with different champions or traits. The previous version of the game only allowed 5 mutants in set 6. This meant you needed to have additional champions or compositions on your field. It was not so simple as it sounds since it was often a matter of deciding which champions and traits are going to be your support trait in that particular game. This is no longer an issue since the sum of all mutants is much greater, and their distinct styles can be incorporated into any item you get. Because their numbers are greater, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one carry. You can micromanage and seperate at least two carries from the rest. 

According to the items you receive  in any played game, you can opt for the tank composition, AD, or perhaps AP composition. You can also influence this through the gear you own and the strategies your opponent plays.

There are only six Mutants available in the store, you need some luck to get the full potential of The Mutant composition. For you, the possibilities is quite wide. You can acquire The Mutant emblem from your Augment, The combination of Negatron Cloak and The Golden Spatula, and from the forever loved Tome of Traits. As you see, the possibility of you acquiring 7 Mutants are pretty high. You’ll have to make it to the end of the game when your most powerful Mutants arrive. They are epic and legendary units and can cause a lot of damage.

The game itself, when you are playing with Mutants is fun and engaging to play since you are presented with a variety of possibilities to turn the tides of the game to your advantage.

Before the new patch Mutants were great in combination with The Protectors, but that trait was removed with the arrival of the patch 12.5. They’re now great by their own.

Mutants are unpredictable since you don’t know the bonuses before the game, so every game will be exciting!



The Sniper composition guide will be the second guide in our guides list, and I have decided that we should start strong. Snipers are for people who like to have fun, drink some beer, and smoke cigarettes while playing and not giving a damn about looking too much into micromanagement. Just kidding, kids, don’t smoke! But beer is fine, I guess. I mean, I turned out just fine, haven’t I?

While patch 6.5 introduced some new features, the good old snipers remain! They’ve had to make some adjustments and have seen a few champions reworks. Tristana and Kog Maw left earlier, but Ashe, Zeri, and all the rest of the party are back!

We can all agree that Kog and Tristana will be missed greatly by everyone, as they haven’t shown much potential since this patch was released. Where they stood, Ashe and Zeri are much more useful.

If you don’t have a hard def frontline, such as bruisers, snipers aren’t going to be a very powerful composition, but a rather squishy one. They can produce high burst, but they suffer from very low sustain. My favorite composition is six snipers, five mercs, two enforcers, three bruisers with Vi as Rival and Tahm Kench as Glutton.

You will need Illaoi and Vi to complete the comp. Gangplank is needed for the frontline, but he should be swapped with Tahm Kench in the late game since Kog Maw is no longer in the game, so you can not benefit from the Twinshot trait bonus.

Cait, Miss Fortune, Ashe, Jhin, and Zeri, and an augment for snipers to place on some other champion. I recommend that it should be Quinn since she is a ranged champion, and she can benefit from the trait.

You need six snipers to get a powerful power boost of 30% per hex that separates one sniper from its target.

If you are among the lucky ones and get the Mercenarie trait, Vi is a champion that you should use it on.

Snipers are pure, uncontested power. They aren’t perfect. If they don’t have any sustain items, any type of assassin Comp will bypass your frontline and wreak havoc in your backline, deleting your Snipers from the game in a blink of an eye.

Guardian Angel is my favorite sustain item. I love the Guardian Angel. But, he was taken, so we must settle for lower-tier items. Although not quite as good as GA, there are still some great items.

Quicksilver, Edge of the Night (which replaced the GA), and Bloodthirster would be my choices for sustain. Bt? What do I mean by that? Isn’t it a damage-dealing item? It is. It is. But once you have a huge power boost with four snipers and six late-game snipers (if you get a sniper Augment), The Bloodthirster can be used as a sustain item. This will restore your HP like it was coming from your tap at home. Guinsso’s Rageblade combined with Edge of the night and The Bloodthirster are simply the best choices for any of your snipers. If you combine your attack speed and Guinsso’s, the BT will not let your HP leave the green for a second unless you are bursted by an Arcanist/Assassin’s comp.

The Snipers work with a lot of traits like Clockwork and Challenger and, of course, Enforcers, but the best trait to combine them with are The Mercenaries since you get both power, sustain, and the most important thing of all, The Loot!



Since release set 6 The Socialites have been there with us and stayed with us through patch 6.5. While there were some slight changes to their idea following the introduction of new champions, it’s still a solid base. Even though The Socialite trait has been around for some time, that doesn’t mean players didn’t have time to adjust to it as you’ll need to be able to combine a lot of things for it to work. I’ve tried numerous times but were only succesful  a couple of times. This is due to the difficulty in executing this trait that it has become extremely popular.

This composition has a problem. It has very few champions in it, and they are all in the mid to upper range when it comes to the cost. This also means you can not play The Socialite composition on its  own. The very first Socialite you meet is a three-gold coin cost champion. Three coins, to be exact. Gnar, Senna and Morgana. This means you don’t have an early game, and that you have to play some other roles and traits, as well as the champions that you don’t want or need just to survive until the first Socialites start to appear in the shop.So many times in the late game I was able to pull of this composition when grabbing Galio, only to be crushed in the next fight due to the hp I have lost in the earlier stages of the game.

Maybe, what is so popular about this composition is the fact that it is not available to most players. Many of the players lack the knowlege and skill to pull it off, and even if they do, they mess up in some way and get crushed by the more experienced players in the later stages of the game. I would rate this composition as the hardest composition to play, and I have prepared a guide for you so you can make it through and destroy all your opponents with your amazing Socialite composition.

When your adversaries realize that your units will not fail, their faces will be worth a million bucks.

There are only four Socialites and the fifth creating a champion wearing the Socialite emblem. They are the only trait that doesn’t work by themselves. Combining them with Syndicates or Bodyguards is possible. Braum and Darius both possess these characteristics. This combination can make an extremely strong and durable high-armor and MR unit which can withstand the rigors of numerous enemies. Yordles can be used as a secondary and substitute composition. I prefer enchanters since they are both great, with also 3 Yordles on the board. If everything is going according to plan but it isn’t always the case. Until you complete the composition and have boosted your primary carry champions to the max, you will be extremely squishy and will likely lose the majority of your health points, as well as battles. All that changes when you complete your composition. While you may lose a few times, 80% of your fights are won by The Socialites. Trust me, I should know.



In the beginning of patch 6, they were unbeatable, and people were spamming The Rabbadon’s Death Cap, Hextech Gunblade, and The Blue Buff on Darius who could function as an endless carousel of death cutting through everything that crossed his path and healing 100 percent of his HP every ult. His mana regen and the scaling of Ap were crazy when you equipped him with these said items. He could wipe half of the board when he was at maximum level.

Fortunately, Riot has recognized their mistakes and balanced them in a fairly pleasing way. Their game is now one of most balanced in the game, particularly thanks to the addition of a variety of new classes and origins to The Neon Nights. They’re unlikely to be enhanced or nerfed in the future. This is a good thing because the worst thing that could happen is that you learn one thing and then spam the same thing over and over again for Riot to disable it.

The champions who have been added to the mix make this team extremely strong as they’re from the higher costing scale. If you’re able score The Syndicate Emblem and The Bodyguards, you’re most likely to be the winner of this particular game.

The Syndicate offers a very powerful team synergy and has great harmony with its units , providing a great deal of sustain to already strong champions..  In this Teamfight Tactics Syndicate Build Guide I will show the most sought-after beginner-friendly TFT Syndicate build and how to play it throughout the early, mid and late game.


This is the end of our Trait S Tier List for Patch 12.6 of Teamfight Tactics! The traits mentioned above are best in the  game in this  patch!

One thing is for sure, and that is, META changes every week with every new patch, so even if you see your champion on some lower tier list, don’t despair since you might just see him among the best units in the S tier as soon as the next patch hits the servers.

Stay tuned, there is many more interesting things to come, and definitely more Tier lists to cover for Patch 12.6 of Teamfight Tactics. Only on, The Games Cabin!