Feature: The 7 Wii Games You Must Play: No.1 – Super Mario Galaxy 1/2

The Super Mario Galaxy games are the spiritual successors of both Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine. Galaxy’s platforming is like no other platformer, by adding a gravitational pull to the platforming aspect the game feels unique, but, it’s not just for that reason. Super Mario Galaxy is not just the standard for how a game on Wii can look it’s also a game in which sets the standard for platforming perfection. For me, to this day there is no game that comes close to rivalling its championship title, though Super Mario 64 is controversially still the superior game to many fans.

By all means choosing just one game for the top spot was difficult but choosing between these two was even harder, the reason? To me, one isn’t better than the other; in fact Galaxy 2 just feels like it carries on from the original. Yes, I do understand that’s what a sequel is but the original worked so well that the developers knew not to mess with the formula and so Galaxy 2 feels the same… so the differences then?  More of the incredible level design, the powerful orchestrated soundtrack, the inclusion on Yoshi (which isn’t as small as it may sound).

The game boasts incredibly visuals that no other game in the Mario series has matched, a soundtrack that is mind-blowing and controls that work so well that you can forget about all those times you dented the wall by shot putting your controllers, don’t think “what?” … because we know 😉

Super Mario Galaxy isn’t just a game I highly recommend, it’s a game in which shows how a genre as simple and as rinsed as the ‘platformer’ can be recreated. As far as games go this is a masterpiece, plain and simple! And if you haven’t played this yet, then a very big shame on you.

How did you find my top 7 Wii list? Do you or don’t you agree with any of my entries? Let me know in the comments below.