Feature: The 7 Wii Games You Must Play: No.4 – No More Heroes

No More Heroes’ is a nostalgic retro inspired designed open world action beat ‘em up game, from 8 bit sounds pieces, to little presentational features in sprite art form. It really does have a special uniqueness; the presentation is spectacular and its undoubtedly one of the most passionate titles of this generation.

The game was developed by developer Suda 51 and you can most certainly tell by some of the games wackiness. As far as the overall game goes the graphical art style is great! The cell -shaded look is really nice (though the open world detail lacks a lot of polish) and the combat is intuitive and very fast paced.

The overall game sales weren’t “great” but a sequel was released (exclusively on Wii). A few years after the original launched on the Wii a PS3 port was released and again sales were not substantial. It’s a shame because if they were any such thing as a ‘gamer game’ then I’m pretty positive this is it. So if you own a Wii or PS3 (and PlayStation Move) it really is something you should most definitely check out.

Have you ever played No More Heroes? Do you agree with my listed decision of it being in the number 4 spot? Let me know in the comments below.