The Best Attack on Titan Game

Fighting Titans with ODM gear and swords, every fan’s dream

With the anime for Attack on Titan coming to an end, many fans are left still wanting more. While watching a show or reading a manga about fighting Titans is fun, imagine doing it yourself. Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle was released back in 2018 and is the perfect adaptation of Attack on Titan into a game.

This game offers an extensive story mode, scouting missions, territory reclamation, and online play that makes this game more than worth its price. Character customization and upgrades can also be carried over between each game mode. Items collected on missions can be used to upgrade your gear, giving you better stats and abilities. This game also allows you to use the Anti-Personal guns to switch up your playstyle and see why Kenny loved them so much. You also have a special ability that equips you with thunderspears to do some real damage.

Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle Trailer


The story mode of this game takes your created character and adds them into the first two seasons of the show. This puts you in the middle of some significant moments of the story alongside the characters you already know. In the “Final Battle” version of the game, season 3 is also included through different characters’ stories. In Season 3, you play through each battle, this time controlling different characters from the show. This game also shows what other side characters are doing when the show only focuses on the main cast. None of these are lore-breaking additions but can be exciting additions to the story.


The combat in Final Battle 2 is easy to use, and the tutorial makes you into a titan killing machine pretty quickly. Your character gets different upgrades that change their playstyle and gives them additional abilities when fighting. This keeps the gameplay from getting too repetitive as you can easily put 100 hours into it. You’re constantly provided new ways to take down a titan before going for their neck for the kill. For each mission, you also have a squad with their abilities to help turn the tide of a fight. Should one of your squad be a titan-shifter, they transform for a short time, and you’re given control. While the ODM gameplay is incredibly fun, so is rampaging through a pack of tians as the Armored Titan.

Game Modes

There are dozens of different game modes that carry over progress and help level up your character and get new gear. In the Free Play mode, you can play as up to 40 different characters from the game. Each with their unique stats and abilities but with the gear from your personal character. (Yes, you can play as Levi and kill titans almost instantly). This game mode also offers multiplayer, which can be cooperative or competitive. This game provides a staggering amount of content for its price. With this being an anime game with a minor release, physical copies can be harder to come by. This game can be found on the Playstation (currently on sale until April 28th), Steam, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch online stores. If you’re a fan of Attack on Titan, this game is a must-have and a worthwhile purchase.