The Easiest Support Champions to play in League of Legends

Rank list for the easiest supports in the League!

Back in the day, support role in League of Legends has always been taken for granted. It was always given to the least experienced players in the field simply to fill the spot so you have a fifth player.


Back when you had to shout your position in League of Legends lobby, it was the cruelest punishment if you was the one that typed your role last, since it was automatically known that you will go to support. That was a misery in the first couple seasons of League of Legends since the support champions didn’t have the items that bring them gold and their items were basically non existent. You also didn’t have trinkets and had to buy wards. This was really excrutcating since if you played on the higher level you were basically just a moving ward machine. You had to use as much wards as you can, and bear in mind the wards were uncapped at that time so you could theoretically have 100 wards in your inventory and ward the whole map. And basically that’s the most stuff that you actually did, again speaking only if you were on some higher level. If you were just a young newbie like I was you probably took any champion that you knew how to play and just went with it. This was also the birth of many unexpecting compositions and synergies for bot lane that stayed relevant over time.

After many years the situation drastically changed when it comes to the support role, and we can now safely say that it is the most important role in the whole game.

Depending on the type of support that you are playing you are either responsible for engaging teamfights against the enemy team, or if you are playing the Enchanter type of support, you job is to keep your team alive. Emphasis on your Ad carry of course.

The wards are now capped and they can be received trough the ward trinket, can be removed trough the trinket and you have special items that are dedicated to supports that give you gold and wards that you can place in game.

The control wards are now visible and you can not buy regular wards in your shop like you used to back in the good old days.

But after many years, the stigma has stayed somewhat relevant and many people chose this exact role to start with when they are starting to play League of Legends. Even Riot themselves has helped with that a lot by releasing some of the easiest champions in the game, but I don’t want to spoil anything.

Let’s go trough The easiest support champions to play in League of Legends!

3. Alistar


Alistar is only fifth on this list because you do need to know some basics of positioning when you are playing him, and due to his low mobility and low range you can be caught off position quite easily. He still makes the list being the one of the easiest support champions in League of Legends because he has pretty good crowd control, a simple kit and high sustainability. He can engage fights without much effort and due to his good defensive stats, he can easily get out if the tides of the battle turn against him.

Alistar’s abilities:

P – Triumphant Roar

INNATE: Alistar gains a stack of Triumph for every enemy  champion he  stuns or  displaces with  Pulverize,  Headbutt, or  Trample, and every time an enemy  minion or non-epic  monster dies nearby.

At 7 Triumph stacks, Alistar consumes them and roars,  healing himself for 25 − 161 (based on level) and all nearby allied champions for「 double the amount. 」

Alistar roars instantly if a nearby enemy champion or epic monster dies. Once Triumph stacks are consumed Alistar cannot roar again for a short duration, but can still gain stacks.

Q – Pulverize

ACTIVE: Alistar slams the ground beneath him, dealing magic damage to all nearby enemies and  stunning and  knocking them up simultaneously for 1 second.

W – Headbutt

ACTIVE: Alistar  dashes to the target enemy’s location and, if the target is within 400 units upon arrival, he deals them magic damage and  knocks them back 700 units over 0.5 seconds while also  stunning them for 0.75 seconds.

E – Trample

ACTIVE: Alistar becomes  ghosted and tramples the ground around him every 0.5 seconds for 5 seconds, dealing magic damage to all nearby enemies and gaining a Trample stack every time the ability damages at least one enemy champion, up to 5.

At 5 Trample stacks, Alistar’s next  basic attack against a  champion within 6 seconds consumes all stacks and ends Trample prematurely to deal 20 − 275 (based on level) bonus magic damage and apply a 1-second  stun.

R- Unbreakable Will

ACTIVE: Alistar  cleanses himself of all  crowd control. For the next 7 seconds, Alistar  reduces incoming damage received.

2. Sona


Even though Sona is quite squishy and a well timed ult can be a game changer, she still has one of the most simplest kits in the whole game. There is only one ability that you can actually miss and the others really are just there to be played with when you get bored of the game. That is for sure to happen if you are really playing Sona. I have seen more interesting paintings to look at than to play Sona. But there is one thing that I really have to emphasize. Even though Sona is really easy to play with, she is by no means weak or useless champion. Quite the contrary, she is the Enchanter type of support that can change the tides of the game with one ult, and she can keep her team, healed, strong and mobile throughout the duration of the whole game.

Sona’s abilities:

P – Power Chord

INNATE – MELODY: Sona’s basic abilities each generate a unique aura for 3 seconds that empowers her and all targetable allied  champions who enter its radius, and casting them places her other basic abilities that are not on cooldown on a 0.5-second cooldown.

INNATE – POWER CHORD: After casting 3 basic abilities, Sona’s next basic attack has an  uncancelable windup, deals 20 − 240 (based on level) (+ 20% AP) bonus magic damage and applies an additional effect depending on the last basic ability cast.

Gaining Power Chord’s empowered attack  resets Sona’s basic attack timer.

INNATE – ACCELERANDO: Sona gains a stack of Accelerando each time she hits an enemy with  Hymn of Valor or supports an ally with  Aria of Perseverance, stacking up to 120 times. Each stack grants her 0.5 basic ability haste, up to 60 basic ability haste at maximum stacks. If she has maximum stacks, the current  cooldown of  Crescendo is reduced by 1.5 seconds each time instead.

Q – Hymn of Valor

ACTIVE: Sona sends out bolts of sound to the two nearest visible enemies, prioritizing champions, each dealing magic damage to their target upon arrival and granting  sight of the area around them for 1 second.

MELODY: Sona and tagged allied champions deal bonus magic damage on their next basic attack within 5 seconds.

Sona gains a stack of Accelerando for each bolt that damages an enemy champion.

POWER CHORD – STACCATO: Power Chord deals 28 − 336 (based on level) (+ 28% AP) total magic damage.

W – Aria of Perseverance

ACTIVE: Sona  heals herself and sends out a tone to heal the most wounded nearby allied champion.

MELODY: Sona and tagged allied champions receive a  shield lasting up to 1.5 seconds.

Sona gains a stack of Accelerando whenever she  heals a wounded ally or  shields a minimum amount of damage for an ally with Aria of Perseverance.

POWER CHORD – DIMINUENDO: Power Chord reduces its target’s size by 8% and damage output by 25% (+ 4% per 100 AP) for 3 seconds.

E – Song of Celerity

ACTIVE: Sona gains 20% (+ 2% per 100 AP)  bonus movement speed for 3 seconds, extended to up to 7 seconds if she doesn’t take damage.

MELODY: Tagged allied champions gain bonus movement speed for 3 seconds.

POWER CHORD – TEMPO: Power Chord  slows its target by 40% (+ 4% per 100 AP) for 2 seconds, capped at a maximum of 99%.

R – Crescendo

ACTIVE: Sona plays an irresistible chord in a line in the target direction, dealing magic damage to all enemies within its path and  stunning them by forcing them to dance for 1.5 seconds.

1. Yummi


Yummi is the champion I have been talking about when I said that Riot is helping new players to slowly and gradually learn the game. I think that Yummi has been introduced to League of Legends simply for that reason. It was surely unexpected when she became one of the champion with the highest pick and ban rate, and she was quite commonly seen in the highest competitive play too.

She has the basic kit, like you don’t even need your left hand to play her, a mouse is enough. But even if you don’t have it, you can play her on the touchpad. She has one ability that she spams throughout the duration of the game and that is her heal, and you can’t really miss her ultimate since it really depends on the movement of the champion you will be attached to.

Her whole game is just one big boring ride along since you spend the entire game attached to your ally. While attached you can not deal or receive damage apart from your ultimate.

So as you have probably guessed, Yummi is The easiest support champion to play in League of Legends, and not only that, she is the easiest champion overhaul in the League of Legends. I can say now with confidence that I think she will carry on to that title as long as the game exists.

Yummi’s abilities:

P – Bop ‘n’ Block

INNATE: Periodically, Yuumi’s next basic attack against an enemy  champion has an  uncancelable windup, gains  50 bonus range, turns into a  non-projectile, restores 25 − 100 (based on level) (+ 8% maximum mana)  mana and grants her a 60 − 400 (based on level) (+ 30% AP)  shield that lasts until it is broken.

While  attached, the shield transfers to her Anchor.

Q – Prowling Projectile

ACTIVE: Yuumi fires an errant missile in the target direction that deals magic damage to the first enemy it hits.

If the missile is in flight for 1 second, it deals increased magic damage, and if the target is a  champion,  slows by 20% for 1 second. The percent current health bonus damage is capped at 50 − 300 (based on level) against minions and monsters.

While  attached, Yuumi instead  channels for up to 2 seconds, directing the trajectory of the missile, after which it fizzles.

W – You and Me!

PASSIVE: The Anchor gains either a flat and percentage amount of their  bonus attack damage or a flat and percentage amount of their  ability power, based on whichever was initially higher. The percentage bonus of You and Me! also benefits from its flat bonus.

Yuumi then gains flat  adaptive force plus an amount based on a percentage of the Anchor’s current bonus attack damage or ability power, whichever is higher. Additionally, Yuumi starts with a skill point in You and Me! and  Prowling Projectile instead has 6 ranks.

ACTIVE: Yuumi  channels for 0.25 seconds, then  dashes to the target allied champion upon completion and  attaches to them upon arrival. While attached, Yuumi is  untargetable (except from  turrets and in-flight  projectiles targeting her) and casts her spells from the Anchor’s position. The cooldown starts upon completing the  channel. You and Me! can be recast after 0.5 seconds of attachment.

Yuumi will be  knocked down by any  immobilizing or  polymorphing crowd control during the dash.

RECAST: Yuumi can switch her Anchor, refreshing the recast. She will detach automatically if her Anchor dies or under certain circumstances. If recast without a valid target, Yuumi will detach from her Anchor and  dash 250 units in the target direction, placing You and Me! on a 0.25-second cooldown if it is not already on cooldown.

You and Me! is placed on a 5-second cooldown if Yuumi becomes  immobilized,  grounded, or  polymorphed.

E – Zoomies

ACTIVE: Yuumi  heals herself and gains 15% (+ 6% per 100 AP)  bonus movement speed and  bonus attack speed for 3 seconds.

While  attached, the Anchor is affected by Zoomies instead.

R – Final Chapter

ACTIVE: Yuumi and Book  channel for up to 3.5 seconds, launching 7 waves in the target direction over the duration, each dealing magic damage to all enemies within their path. Enemy  champions hit take only 50% damage from subsequent waves, and when they are struck by three waves, they become  rooted for 1.75 seconds. This may only occur once per target.

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