The For Honor Devs Have Listened To Fans – This is What They’ve Learned

Ubisoft Montreal has been toiling away behind the scenes to make sure its upcoming title, For Honor, is the best it can be. The studio has shown the game off at various events – such as PAX and Gamescom – and it recently held a closed alpha on PC to get feedback on the game’s mechanics. Well, Ubisoft Montreal have been listening to the alpha players and have identified three interesting points via a post-alpha survey. Strap a sword to your belt, button up your tunic, and take a look at what the alpha revealed.

The first thing the developers realised is that the game’s learning curve seems just right, in fact 56.61% of players found the combat to be very easy, somewhat easy, or just right to learn. The only issue found here was that players found it difficult to take on multiple opponents at once, so the developers are going to work on making that easier without undermining good team work.


Secondly they found out that they’ve nailed the balancing so far, which means the game is fair to play whether you’re attacking or defending. There were three maps in the alpha and here’s the win/loss ratio for each: The attackers won 51% of matches on the Citidel Gate map leaving the defenders with 49% of the wins. On the Overwatch map the attackers won 52% of the time, while the defenders won the remaining 48% of the matches. Finally the tides turned on the Sanctuary Bridge map with the defenders taking 55% of the wins and the attackers taking 45%.

Lastly, they learned that the playable Heroes felt different to each other. The alpha only included two Heroes – The Warden from the Legion faction, and the Oni from the Chosen faction. The game will have more playable Heroes at launch. For now it seems that an astounding 89.04% of players felt that playing as the two available Heroes was a very different experience.


That’s that, it looks like For Honor is shaping up to be a well-balanced and varied multiplayer experience. Did you get a chance to try the closed alpha? Let us know what you thought of it below, or if you’re feeling ballsy why not take a risk and pre-order the game here?

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