The Games Cabin’s Weekend Play Dates – Issue #1

After a couple of failed attempts to get a weekly feature out each, erm, week, we’ve finally managed to settle on an agreed plan. Each week we’ll post a quick article detailing our weekend gaming plans. Why? Because it’s bloody brilliant for search engine optimisation, and it also gives you something to read, perhaps something that’ll give you an idea as to what to play this weekend. So, don’t be shy, tell us how you’re going to be wasting your free time in front of a TV screen/PC monitor this weekend!

Chris Harding

I’ll be getting down and dirty in the mucky world of… Farming Simulator 2016. I’m a sucker for simulation games, and any that let me wear my farmer hat are alright by me. Once I’ve tended to my fields I’ll probably end up effing and blinding in Awesomenauts on PS4. Once I’ve had a tantrum on there, I’ll skip back into Driveclub. Still need them bloody stars… Oh, and I’ll tearing it up with The Killers on Guitar Hero Live after my Sunday lunch. Classy.

Lloyd Hawker

Another weekend, another excuse for an 8-player Smash Bros. blowout! No game captures the crazy, frantic, and sometimes regrettable Saturday nights like this. I’ll be really feeling it come Sunday morning.

Jack Palmer

I’ll be continuing the ongoing adventures of Nyxis Aldermaine, stoic Elezen and stalwart guardian of Eorzea in Final Fantasy XIV. Which mostly boils down to gambling at the gold saucer and cracking wise with catgirls.

Dominic Kwaczynski

This weekend I’ll be taking down military bases and liberating towns in effort to help the poor, repressed people of Medici in Just Cause 3. Outside of that humanitarian effort, I’ll probably fire up a FIFA match or ten.

Stefan Mancevski

This weekend I’ll be playing Star Wars: The Old Republic. After marathoning Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2 and coming away with an even deeper desire to play games in the Star Wars universe, The Old Republic seemed like a great next step.

Conor Hutton

This weekend I’ll be tying, everything that isn’t nailed down, to a balloon in an effort to expand my base in The Grand and Glorious Adventures of Big Boss. I’m pretty sure that’s what the game is called. If I can find some time in between fultoning endangered species (sorry PETA) I might also break out my Vita for some Super Meat Boy.

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