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The Games Cabin’s Weekend Play Dates – Issue #2

We’ve managed to actually keep this running for two entire weeks on the trot without forgetting, go us! For the uninitiated, The Games Cabin’s Weekend Play Dates are little features where the writers tell everyone with an internet connection what games they’ll be playing over the weekend. It’s a nice little feature and it gives everyone a chance to see what the keyboard monkeys do when they’re not flinging poo at computer screens. Bloody monkeys… [For reference, last week’s edition can be found here.]

Chris Harding

This weekend I’m dipping into Rise of the Tomb Raider to see what shenanigans Lara Croft has been up to, then I’ll take on the evils of the DC universe with LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. Nothing like some LEGO to make you really miss your childhood, eh?

Conor Hutton

I’ll be able to to keep this entry fairly short for the simple reason I won’t have much time for gaming this weekend. Between work outside of TGC and the fact that Sherlock season 3 has just appeared on Netflix, I mightn’t play any games at all! Well there might be enough time to sneak in a little Mega Man 2 between episodes of Sherlock…

Stefan Mancevski

This weekend, I’ll be actually playing Star Wars: The Old Republic. Last time, I said I would, but I got sidetracked by three tremendous little indie games – Gone Home, Oxenfree, and Pony Island. Highly recommend all three for anyone who’s interested in short, story-driven experiences. This weekend, however, it’s back to the Bioware grind with SWTOR!

Lloyd Hawker

With so much work to be done over the weekend, gaming will not be a significant activity for me, sadly. However, with the little available time that I’ll be able to grasp, the lights will be off, the curtains drawn, headphones in, phone notifications set to off (of course, not the ones that are from my girlfriend – think I want to die or summin’?!) and Xenoblade Chronicles X will be my savior!

A little shorter than last week’s issue but that’s probably because we’ve lost a few writers in the snow. We’re sure they’ll turn up once it all thaws… So what have you been playing recently and what will you be deluging in this weekend? Hit up the comments section below and let us judge your gaming habits. Better not be any Bronies…

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