The Games Cabin’s Weekend Play Dates – Issue #4

Another weekend means another play date. The entire Cabin Crew is switching off their computers, putting up their feet, breaking out a beer and playing some games, which is what the site is all about after all. What are the scribes behind The Games Cabin up to this weekend? Read on and find out.

Chris Harding

This weekend I’ll be playing exclusively on handhelds. The PS Vita will give me my fix while I’m on holiday. Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time and some Killzone 2 via PS Now will do me quite nicely.

Lloyd Hawker

Much like Chris, I’ll be engaging in handheld gaming for most of, if not all of, this weekend. Between tweaking my competitive team in Pokemon Omega Ruby and burning my thumbs to the ground trying out Corrin and Bayonetta in Super Smash Bros. I just hope I remember to have a full charge before leaving the house.

Stefan Mancevski

I’ll be on the go a lot this weekend, so I’ll be playing a brand new mobile game that’s one of the most fun experiences I’ve had on my smartphone. It’s Crashlands, a 2D action-RPG crafting game that feels like a mix of Don’t Starve and an isometric action RPG like Diablo. Loving it so far – it’s got a unique charm and wit to it, and the core gameplay loop is interesting enough to hold my attention. That’s not something I’ve ever said about a mobile game. Plus it doesn’t have microtransactions… always a big plus!

Conor Hutton

Unlike the last three I’m staying right here in The Games Cabin all weekend, that means console gaming. I just bought Just Cause 3 in PlayStation’s Deal of the Week, so I’ll probably be grappling boats to planes then blowing them up in the name of liberty… or in he name of blowing stuff up just ’cause I can. I’ve only put in two or three hours so far, but I think I might actually prefer Just Cause 2! However, you can check out what Chris thought of the third game in the series right here.

Apologies for the second short entry in a row, but as you might of guessed, with all the handheld gaming mentioned in this weekends entry, there’s been a lot of travel this week. There’s also been a little shuffling around as we try to figure out how to man our new sister sites, so we’ve even been a little understaffed this week, you could always volunteer your writing services by sending us a message. Otherwise we’d love to hear what you’re playing this weekend, so drop a comment down below and we’ll see you next week.