The Games Cabin’s Weekend Play Dates – Issue #5

Five weeks later and TGC’s Weekend Play Dates are still going strong. Well, they’re at least going. It’s the weekend of love as this year’s Valentine’s Day lands on Sunday. However, that’s not what concerns us in this article, we’re here to talk about one thing and one thing only: video games. Be they long, short, dark, colourful, PC, PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo we’ll play them, and by god we’d throw one hell of a tantrum if we had to go a weekend without them! Only three of our writers are here this weekend, so let’s get the ball rolling with Stefan.

Stefan Mancevski 

This weekend, I’ll be trying out the Homefront beta. Other than that, I’ll be going through some new releases in the form of XCOM 2, Unravel, and Firewatch. Far too much gaming for one man, but I might be able to handle it. We’ll see…

Conor Hutton

This weekend I’ll be back in Rico’s shoes just causing as much chaos as I possibly can in Just Cause 3. Whether I’m trying to get all five cogs in a challenge or grappling a soldier to a tree, things will most certainly be going boom! I may also be dipping in and out of some Helldivers to defend Super Earth in the name of democracy.

Chris Harding

I’ve been lucky enough to snag an early copy of Street Fighter V so, naturally, I’ll be getting my arse handed to me by digital and real life opponents before pushing out a Street Fighter V review. Red Bull and whiskey will see me through this weekend.

There you go, issue #5 of our Weekend Play Dates. Apologies for the short entry, but you can always let us know what you’re playing down in the comments. Check back next Saturday for issue #5, or better yet check back each and every day for more gaming news, reviews and features. TGC over and out.

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