The Games Cabin’s Weekend Play Dates – Issue #8

Another weekend means that the world hasn’t imploded but it also means that we’ll be posting another issue of The Games Cabin’s Weekend Play Dates. We’re already on issue number 8 and it’s quite an achievement that we’ve managed to keep to such a schedule, so go us! And without further babble, let’s see what The Games Cabin’s keyboard warriors will be playing this weekend.

Chris Harding

After spending more than a week in the dark ages without internet, I’ll be jumping straight into some Star Wars Battlefront, a bit of Awesomenauts, and then I’ll go online and do some racing with Forza Motorsport 6. A really chilled weekend, then.

Conor Hutton

This weekend I’ll be dropping (literally) onto a bug infested planet in the name of democracy. HellDivers has managed to keep me and a friend engaged in co-op ever since its free giveaway on Plus… unlike Broforce, which failed to impress for longer than half an hour.

Stefan Mancevski

I’ll be playing The Division, so long as I have others to play with. Terrific when played with friends, boring when played alone,  it’s a relatively generic 3rd person cover shooter that hits a nice sweet spot when played in a group. You can find me and a few buddies frolicking through the Dark Zone this weekend.

Lloyd Hawker

With Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Red still maintaining my attention, it’s hard to attain more time for other games/life activities, but still, the Twilight Princess is still calling me to restore light to Hyrule… guess i’ll have another typical ‘save the world weekend’. Wish me luck?

Dom Kwaczynski

This weekend will probably see me looking through my backlog in an attempt to curtail its burgeoning size. But it might take me the whole weekend just to look through it so…

So that’s what this lot are playing around with this weekend, but what about you? What are your weekend gaming plans? Anything special? A romantic and deadly night in with Hitman, or perhaps you’ll go outside and play with your DS/PS Vita? Give us a shout down in the comments section below.


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