The Games Cabin’s Weekend Play Dates – Issue #9 – The Late Edition

A little later than we’re usually aiming for, this week’s The Games Cabin’s Weekend Play Dates issue is going to be on the shorter side due to a few members being missing in action. Does it have something to do with the latest PSN sale? Have they gone AWOL due to an overload of games clogging up their brains? Maybe.

Here’s what The Games Cabin is playing this weekend. Read on for a giggle then head to the comments to chime in with your own stuff.

Chris Harding

In between building a new kitchen and getting frustrated by building the aforementioned kitchen, I’ll be dipping into Halo: The Master Chief Collection to pick up some stray achievements. Once I’ve had my fill of sci-fi shooting, I’ll probably end up reliving the glory days with Mario Kart: Double Dash and Left 4 Dead 2 with the Mrs. Oh, and let’s not forget Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic on Android. What a great time killer!

Dominic Kwaczynski

This weekend I’m finishing off Binary Domain for a new Video Game Rewind article! Otherwise might get back into Dragon Age: Inquisition after taking a bit of a break from it.

Conor Hutton

This weekend I’ll be attending a fashion show in Paris, although I’ll probably be more of a show stopper than honest patron. Hitman is back and as good as it’s even been, but I still have mixed feelings on the episodic release. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to drop a chandelier on an unsuspecting designer.

So that’s our weekend. How about you?