The Games Cabin’s Weekend (& Weekday) Play Dates – Issue #5: The Weird Edition

This week’s The Games Cabin’s Weekend Play Dates is a bit on the lighter side… We’ve actually had a couple of quiet weeks as some of our writers have been taking on undercover assignments in countries that you’ve never heard of, to assassinate people who don’t even exist.

This week’s edition is no different, so apologies for that. However, we’ll take this opportunity to let the bossman have a rant about what he’s playing over this weekend and even the coming week. So, without hesitation, here’s the chief’s gaming plans for the week.


It’s been a busy week of gaming for me this past week, what with Far Cry Primal landing in my hands earlier than it should have. Then there was Street Fighter V, too. This weekend my efforts will be focused on finishing off the end of Rainbow Moon (review to follow!) and dipping back into Far Cry Primal to hunt down the remaining trophies.

For the rest of the week I’ll be getting by on lots of remote play action due to work commitments (boo!) as well as a few Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita games. Pokemon Y still needs more attention from me, as does Helldivers on the PS Vita. Perhaps this week I’ll finally save Earth and get rid of Team Rocket once and for all? Maybe…

For the few short hours that I’m awake at home, I’ll be dipping in and out of Guitar Hero Live, Driveclub, Gears of War Ultimate Edition and my guilty pleasure (please don’t mock me) Viva Pinata. What? It’s a bloody good game and my garden is looking fabulous.

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