The Gorgeous Need For Speed Will Be Available to Play at Gamescom

Need For Speed already look’s absolutely stunning, ¬†Electronic Arts have done a amazing job with the visuals of the game with some people even doubting that it is actually a video game and instead arguing that ¬†what they are seeing are photographic images.

This dispute with those stubborn people will be once and for all concluded at this years Gamescon, Electronic Arts has released information about what is going to be happening at their booth and for those racing fans out their this could possibly be the best news all year. Electronic Arts are allowing gamers to jump into a demo of Need For Speed which will allow for a selection of five cars as well as a opportunity to quickly dive into the customization options before tearing up the streets.

EA is also holding a press conference on August 5th and there is no doubt that Need For Speed will be one of the main games that they will addressing.


Source: Tweak Town , WCCFtech

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