The Killers’ ‘When You Were Young’ and More Single Player Songs Added to Guitar Hero TV

Guitar Hero Live was one of the biggest (and most pleasant) surprises of last year, though it wasn’t completely without problems. For one, the Guitar Hero TV section was criticised before it even released, including by us at the Cabin. We found that it sounded too much like a free-to-play game. It’s actually not that bad, and if you play often and don’t mind trudging through some of the tripe offered on the game’s two channels, you can actually get by without spending a single penny. It’s mentioned within our review that Guitar Hero Live is exactly what it sets out to be, but you can read all about that here.

The single player part of the game is pretty strong too, but with only around 40 tracks to play it does seem a little limited. Well, here’s the stinger: more of those tracks are making their way onto Guitar Hero TV. Upon booting up Guitar Hero Live after its latest update (version 1.04) we noticed that The Killers’ ‘When You Were Young’ was now part of the online selection; it was previously only available within the single player set lists.

There are a few more in there too, but we’re not sure if this a sign of things to come. It’ll surely rub people up the wrong way if every single-player track gets added to the Guitar Hero TV section as it means we’ve essentially paid a huge amount of money for a plastic guitar and a free-to-play game. Updates are coming weekly for Guitar Hero TV so we’ll wait and see if any more single player tracks migrate to the online area.