The Killers’ Christmas 2015 Song is Out Now – “Dirt Sledding” is Simply Awesome

Whoa, Games Cabin, what’s this? Where’s the video game stuff? – Your thoughts at this very moment, no doubt.

I’ll break site rules on this occasion and address you all directly. Just this once, mind (though reviews and features are all in the voice of whoever writes them).

I’ve been a big fan of Las Vegas rock band, The Killers, since their very first album. I even loved the poorly received “Sam’s Town,” their follow-up album to critically acclaimed “Hot Fuss.”

Each year, The Killers bring out a brand new festive song to kickstart the holidays. No big deal then, everyone else does similar things. Well, no. The Killers do it for more than the hope of a Christmas number one track, and they certainly don’t do it for a fat paycheck. See, their annual Christmas tunes are made in support of AIDS charities, donating all proceeds from digital downloads to the Product RED Campaign. It’s a great cause, and every year – without fail, ever – I stump up the couple of pounds it costs to download the latest song.

The new festive jingle is called “Dirt Sledding,” and it’s brilliant. The first minute and a half are a little slow and seem to be setting us up for a slow, melodramatic ballad. Soon enough, however, The Killers drop their very own brand of bass by kicking into a rollicking 60’s-inspired beat with a catchy hook and some sly humour thrown in due to it (seemingly) concluding The Killers’ beef with Santa Claus (who once again looks suspiciously like Ryan Pardey). You can download “Dirt Sledding” from iTunes here.

Activision, please get this one on Guitar Hero Live.