The Last of Us: Dead Ends Looks Like The Side-quel Fans Would Love

Naughty Dog’s seminal post-apocalyptic The Last of Us is still yet to receive a sequel. That’s alright though, we can live with that – the team are grafting behind closed doors on Uncharted 4 and only Crash knows what else.

We did get the short-but-sweet expansion, Left Behind, but what we’re really after is a proper meaty offering. While it may still be some time until we revisit the dank and dirty universe that The Last of Us established, it’s always fun to see what creative fans are coming up with.

If you’ve got five minutes to spare on this rainy Saturday afternoon (it’s chucking buckets here, hopefully you’ve got some weekend sun) the have a gander at the fan-made The Last of Us: Dead Ends short film down below.

Created by a bunch of young wannabe film-makers, the lads have actually done a decent job. Ok, the acting leaves something to be desired but the ideas and execution are very impressive.

The short film follows a group of Fireflys as they make their way across the country. Naturally, then, our worn-out heroes are attacked by the infected beings that now roam the planet – yes, even Clickers make an appearance. Take a peek down below and if you like it, give the lads some feedback over on their Youtube channel.

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