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The Last of Us: Left Behind Goes Solo on PSN, Release Date and Pricing Inside

Naughty Dog’s seminal zombie-filled The Last of Us was a pretty long affair, especially if you decided to up the ante by playing on the harder settings. Not content with just leaving players with one story the developers put out a nice little side offering to keep fans engaged with what is sure to become one of PlayStation brand’s biggest properties.

The Last of Us: Left Behind was released a few months after the main game and put players in charge of keeping Ellie alive. It was an interesting twist and by giving players control over Ellie it forced us to play a little safer – she’s just not as tough as ol’ Joel.

The DLC was around £10 at the time and it required you to already own The Last of Us, though the PS4 version did come with the DLC pre-loaded on the disc at no extra cost.

So if you’ve still not played The Last of Us (why?!) but fancy testing the waters with the mini-adventure then you can purchase the DLC as a standalone game via the PlayStation Network without owning the main game.

You’ve probably heard good things about the severely under-rated Factions multiplayer, but the good news is that if you buy the standalone DLC then you get a two hour trial with the option to upgrade to the full experience. Cracking stuff. Be sure to check it out.

Costing a mere $9.99 or £7.99, The Last of Us: Left Behind will be available from May 12th in the United Stated and Canada while us European folks get our hands on the add-on from May 13th.

My opinion: go for it. The add-on itself is pretty good, but to really appreciate the story being told you’re probably better off playing through the main game first. Psst. Amazon has it fairly cheap, just saying…

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