The Maiden’s Rhapsody: FF14 Limited Event (Guide)

Experience an adventure to remember during this seasonal event!
The Maiden's Rhapsody: FF14 Limited Event (Guide)

The collaboration between Final Fantasy 14 and Final Fantasy 11 has returned once again for 2022, just in time for FFXI‘s 20th anniversary! Read on to see how you can participate in this limited-time event. Please note that you must be at least level 30 on a battle class to participate. Also, this may go without saying, but this guide will contain spoilers for The Maiden’s Rhapsody event, so proceed with caution!

Where to start

You’ll be starting in the upper decks at the Drowning Wench (Adventurer’s Guild) in Limsa Lominsa. In front of the counter, a Lalafel named Remumu will be standing with a quest for you called A Journey to Remember (X 11.6, Y 11.2). Remumu is a reporter for the Harbor Herald and needs an adventurer’s help getting the facts straight for a story she’s working on, and you look fit for the occasion. Upon agreeing to accompany Remumu to keep her safe, she will instruct you to meet her in Costa del Sol.

Teleport to Costa del Sol, where Remumu overlooks the beach town (X 31.5, Y 30.5). Upon speaking to her, a cutscene will play. You will meet Iroha, who cannot seem to remember how or why she ended up in Eorzea and only has faint memories of a special mission. Remumu encourages you to help Iroha get to the bottom of the problem and get the scoop for the Harbor Herald.

It must be FATE

You will then head south a little, just down the shore, to participate in a FATE called “Our Favorite Pastime” to assist Iroha with her training (X 32.4, Y 33.2). Upon completing the FATE, Iroha will thank you for the educational experience you have provided to her. You will also receive an Optistone in your key items.

Head back to Limsa Lominsa and meet Iroha outside Bulwark Hall (X 11.1, Y 10.9), just a few paces east of the Aetheryte Plaza. Upon handing the stone to her, some of what could be Iroha’s memories return, although they provide no clarity in figuring out her mission. She then will suggest heading to the Central Shroud to continue her training with you. Teleport to Bentbranch Meadows, and travel west to the front of Haukke Manor, where you will participate in another FATE – “The Way of the Samurai” (X 11.3, Y 22.8, Z 1.0).

After completing the FATE, you will receive an Aquastone in your key items. Head over to New Gridania and meet Iroha in the Carline Canopy (X 11.8, Y 13.2) and present the new stone to her. Another memory seems to come to her, but it still is not making much sense. Your adventure will lead you to Southern Thanalan – southeast of the Forgotten Springs Aetheryte, where you will participate in a FATE called “Serket Breaker” (X 22.9, Y 37.0). Once you complete theFATE, meet Iroha in the adventurers guild in Ul’dah (X 11.7, Y 9.4). You then will give her the Orastone from your key items.

Iroha realizes that the memories from the stones are not hers; instead, they are a great hero’s memories. She informs you of a monster terrorizing the Bronze Lake region in La Noscea, where she will have her final test. Teleport to Camp Bronze lake and head west to the glittering destination (X 26.7, Y 22.6) and interact with it to commence the FATE “Amatsu: Kyori.” Once complete, meet Iroha outside Bulwark Hall again in Limsa Lominsa. She thanks you for all the help, then suggests that you both speak with Remumu again, as it was her idea for you to help Iroha on her quest.

Across the room, speak with the lift attendant (X 11.4, Y 11.5) and return to the Drowning Wench once more. Remumu will be standing in front of the counter where you first found her, this time accompanied by Iroha. A cutscene will play in which Iroha explains how she ended up in Eorzea and why she left her home realm, Vana’diel, searching for help.

No Eorzean Pulitzer Prize after all

Remumu decides not to publish her story because she doesn’t think it’s very believable and that Iroha might be a little confused, but she is happy that you were able to help. As a reward, you will receive the Amatsu Armour Set upon handing the quest into Remumu – and yes, you can store it in your armoire (thank you, SqEx!)

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