The Next PlayStation Christmas Deal is Live – PES 2016

Ladies and gentlemen, as you may or may not know, Sony is offering some pretty sweet deals as a part of their ‘12 Deals of Christmas’ sale. Four deals have already come and gone, but it’s a new day, it’s a new dawn, it’s a new deal for meeeee and you.

What is today’s deal? It’s all in the title: Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2016. If you wanted to purchase PES 2016 from the PlayStation Store on any given day it would set you back a hefty €59.99, but thanks the ’12 Deals’ it’ll only cost you €29.00. If you want a little more bang for your buck then you could always opt for the Anniversary Edition, which normally sells for €69.99 but is now going for €34.99.

Remember: each deal only lasts for two days, so if PES 2016 caught your eye then make sure to get it before midnight on the 10th of December. If you want to learn a little bit more about PES 2016 before you drop your hard earned cash down on it, then you should check out our review.

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