The Sixth of Sony’s ’12 Deals’ is Live – Ohhhh We’re Half Way There

As you probably know by now Sony is running a series of special offers in the run up to Christmas that they’ve dubbed ‘The 12 Deals of Christmas.’ Each deal only lasts for two days, so if you see something that sparks your interest, be sure to grab it quickly.

The fifth deal, a steep discount on WWE 2K16, has come and gone, and Need for Speed is revving up to take its place. Need for Speed would normally set you back €69.99, but you can now pick it up for €39.99. If the standard edition just isn’t enough for you then there’s the Deluxe Edition, which is going for €44.99, a €35 price cut. Remember to get Need for Speed before midnight on the 12th of December if you want the discount.

As an extra little bonus, Sony is also offering some Destiny: The Taken King discounts that last up until midnight on the 14th of December. The Taken King is now going for €29.99, the Digital Collector’s Edition will set you back €50.00, and the Legendary Edition is going for €29.99.

There you have it, we’re halfway through ‘The 12 Deals of Christmas.’ How do you think it’s shaping up so far? Let us know by dropping a comment down below. Now here’s Bon Jovi to help up celebrate being half way through the deals.