The THQ Humble Bundle Will Knock Your Socks Off

thq humble bundleMany of you will have heard of The Humble Indie Bundle, a scheme where independent game makers will let you pay whatever price you want to play their games. It’s a brilliant scheme that lets you decide where the money goes, you can split it between the developer, charity and the humblebundle website, or just choose for it to all go to either, it’s up to you!

This time, it’s a little different. Instead of getting an indie bundle, there’s a mashup of THQ’s finest games, all that could be yours for as little as $1! In the bundle you can get:

  • Company of Heroes
  • Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts
  • Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor
  • Red Faction: Armageddon
  • Metro 2033
  • Darksiders
  • Saints Row: The Third

However, to unlock Saints Row: The Third, you must pay over the average price that other gamers are paying, which at the time of writing is at around $6.00, so even then it’s an absolute steal! There is only little catch though, you must be running Windows and the games are only redeemable via Steam.

I personally love this idea, you get a great set of games, you pay the price you think is fair, charities get vital funds they would have gone without, and the developers get a little extra cash they would have other wise not have had. I really hope this sort of thing becomes more common place, I could see it becoming popular if it was for older titles that just don’t sell anymore.

Check out the bundle over at, you won’t be disappointed!

Do you like this idea? Think it should happen more often? What would you pay for this amazing bundle? So many questions, why not answer them in the comments below?

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