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The Tomorrow Children Takes on New Comrades in PS4 Beta on January 21st, New Propaganda Trailer Inside

The Tomorrow Children will be opening its doors to PS4 players in just over a month’s time, as an influx of new recruits will be inducted. The beta starts on January 21st in North America and ends on January 23rd, but there’s no date just yet on a European counterpart.

The Tomorrow Children is an open-world sandbox adventure from Q-Games, the developers behind the PixelJunk series of games. The Games Cabin recommends PixelJunk Monsters, even if it is a bloody difficult game.

Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to get in on the beta, as it’s not open for the public. Only select recruits will be drafted, and those who do manage to get in will receive an in-game costume to wander around in. Fittingly, everyone receives the same costume – how very communist. You can sign up for the closed beta here.

There’s a new bit of propaganda down below, so leave these words behind and look upon the mighty reel below.

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