The Walking Dead Collectors Edition Priced and Dated

Telltale Games download only episodic The Walking Dead is heading to retail, with “Collectors Edition” for those who are mad about zombies and hard choices.

They won’t be disappointed either as the amount of content on offer is extremely tempting, even to somebody like me who never bothers with special editions and the such.

Here’s a breakdown of what you will get for your $69.99:

  • All 5 episodes of The Walking Dead (Episode 5 due out in November)
  • Exclusive cover art by Charlie Adlard
  • Issues 1-48 of The Walking Dead comics

At the moment this deal is exclusive to Gamestop USA, with the Collectors Edition being released alongside the Standard Edition on December 4th.

No news on a UK/EU release yet, but keep checking back to keep updated.

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