The Wii U Emulator is Coming Along Really Fast, Plays Splatoon

Emulation is a bit of a gray area. Ask anyone involved in gaming and they’ll all have slightly different answers. For the most part, emulation is actually legal, but the games you play may not be. It’s somewhat understandable for some to resort to piracy to get games from decades ago, but it’s when recent consoles that are still readily available and still have games being made for them are being emulated that it becomes another ball game.

There’s a group that is working an a Wii U emulator for the PC and it’s actually coming along really fast and – dare we say it? – really well. The Wii U emulator in question is called CEMU and it’s able to run commercial games. There’s a video down below that shows the software running the popular Wii U exclusive shooter, Splatoon. It’s not 100% accurate and it has a bit of slowdown, but with the right machine and the right people working on the software’s code, there’s no reason that this won’t be a strong emulator in a couple of years time, if not sooner.

However, we’re not going to condone this one. The Wii U is still out and about and games are still being made for it, so is it right to emulate the console and download illegal copies of its games? Heeeeeeeell no. Still, it’s interesting stuff nonetheless.

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