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There’s a Free PS Vita/PS3 Game on the PlayStation Network, So Grab It Before It’s Gone

[Update: As Superfrog HD is a cross-buy title, you can download the PS Vita version and receive the PS3 version, too. Splendid.]

[Update #2: It’s not a glitch, nor is it a dodgy way of getting a free game; it’s actually a promotion by the game’s developers Team 17. How very nice of them. Cheers, guys!]


Free stuff doesn’t come around all that often. By that we mean genuinely free stuff. Games With Gold and PlayStation Plus games aren’t truly free, as you still have to pay for your subscription to get and retain access to those games. 100% free stuff is rare, so we’re happy to write that this is one of those rare occasions – an early Christmas treat, if you will.

Before you get too excited though, it’s not the biggest or best game on the PS Vita. The title in question, Superfrog HD, is currently showing as free on European PlayStation Stores. Naturally, we decided to test out downloading the game, and we can report that it works just fine. It’s unconfirmed as to whether this is working in North America, but it’s worth having a look.

This is most likely a mistake on Sony’s end, so don’t expect this to last all that long. You know how we said this was a 100% free game? It’s not – it’ll cost you a little bit of your soul, you thieving little gits. (Us included… See you in hell!) [Or not, as per update… You’re still getting into heaven… Probably]

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