Tom Clancy’s The Division Goes Creepy With Festive Trailer, But There’s a Nicer One for Wimps

Ubisoft has released a new trailer today for its upcoming tactical-shooter, Tom Clancy’s The Division. It’s not your usual festive frolics, though – it’s actually rather bloody creepy.

The trailer is embedded below and starts off with some little lad singing the oh-so-familiar ‘Silent Night’ before the scene darkens and a live-action set-piece takes place where things take a turn for the worse. It’s eerie and this writer don’t like it one bit. Where’s Santa? Fat and jolly? Tinsel holly?

Thankfully, for wimps like some of us, there’s a different Christmas video by the developer, Massive Entertainment. Both can be found below, so go on and have a peek. Volume is needed, so no playing this one in Church on the sly.