Tom Clancy’s The Division Map Will Be Mega Huge

Ubisoft is known for creating vast, expansive open worlds – it’s kind of the only game it makes these days – and its upcoming open-world shooter, Tom Clancy’s The Division is no different. The game is set in an open-world rendition of New York – or at least a part of it – and players will be able to explore to their hearts’ content, or until their hearts’ contents have been spilled by a shotgun.

The open-beta was a success, according to Ubisoft, and we even gave it a go while it was live on the PS4 and Xbox One. One thing we noted is that the beta version of the game was rather large, though obviously it wasn’t the final product. Well, some nerd on Reddit has taken it upon themselves to calculate just how big the final game map will be, and the answer is: six times bigger than the beta’s map. Wow wa wi wa.

Obviously this isn’t going to be 100% accurate until Ubisoft comes out with some real figures, but we’ve seen the maths that the guy has used and it seems to be on the right course, so we’re basically looking at a map that’s six times as big as what we saw in the beta. Impressive, no?

The Division releases on March 8th for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Buy your copy from here from Amazon.

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