Top 10 Best Selling Nintendo DS Games of All Time

It’s probably fairly common knowledge that the Nintendo DS is the second bestselling console of all time (with 154.88 million lifetime sales), only the PlayStation 2 outshone it. However what probably isn’t common knowledge is what games were the bestselling on that platform. Well we have answers for you, just take a look at the chart below, which is in descending order and the number beside each game is the amount of copies it sold.

10:       Super Mario 64 DS                                    11.75 Million

9:         Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver        11.75 Million

8:         Animal Crossing: Wild World              12.12 Million

7:         Pokémon Black/White                            15.13 Million

6:         Brain Age 2: MTiMaD                              15.29 Million

5:         Pokémon Diamond/Pearl                      18.24 Million

4:         Brain Age: TYBiMaD                                 20.14 Million

3:         Mario Kart DS                                               23.18 Million

2:         Nintendogs                                                     24.67 Million

1:         New Super Mario Bros.                           29.73 Million

They’re some impressive sales figures, although it’s hardly shocking that six of the top ten selling games on a Nintendo platform would be either a Pokémon or Mario title.

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