Feature: Top 15 Most Anticipated Games For 2013

We all most likely have at least one game which we’re looking forward to in for 2013. Whether it be The Last of Us, Gears of War, or the Tomb Raider reboot, there’s no doubt that 2013 will be a very important year for games. Not only are we getting some of the best games that consoles like the 360 and PS3 have seen yet, the long rumored PS4 and 720 will probably come out later that year. Now, without further ado , here are some of the most anticipated games of 2013, (in no particular order).

Also, just so you know before we start, I originally had the title have 5, then felt the need to increase that number to 10, but by the time I finished, I realized 10 just wasn’t enough. Now, on to the list.


15. Dead Space 3







Whether or not you enjoyed the second one, this one does look promising. Visceral Games is back, with a bit of change, too. We’ll be getting co-op, and a new executive producer has been assigned, Arjan Bruseee (former Guerilla Games employee), so expect some great set pieces. All in all, you definitely shouldn’t forget about this one. February 5th, 2013.

14. Tomb Raider                  






A reboot of the once very popular Tomb Raider franchise, a new take on the series by Crystal Dynamics is leaving many fans of the series and newcomers in awe and at the amazing looking graphics, the gameplay, and the idea. Whether or not you’re a long-time fan of the series, you should definitely keep an eye on this one. March 5th, 2013.

13. God of War: Ascension





The earliest prequel yet in the God of War series – this one looks 10 times better than any God of War game we’ve seen yet, and we’re quite excited for it. I mean, sure, Kratos has screamed enough already, but what’s a little more? And, to top it all off, there’s multiplayer. Yup, you read that right. March 12th, 2013.

12. Aliens: Colonial Marines 





Gearbox has taken a break from their Borderlands  series  and is taking a shot at the Alien franchise. The game will come with multiplayer and a campaign, using iconic weapons from the movie. The game sees the return of the Xenomorphs (obviously) and different enemies such as the “Runner” from the movie Alien 3. February 12th, 2013.

11. Gears of War: Judgment





So whether or not EPIC Games is returning for the prequel to the Gears of War series, a subsidiary studio based in Poland called People Can Fly will be handling the game, and damn does it look good so far. Not only will the game be adding new multi-player modes, but apparently the campaign will be emotional (again!), so stay tuned for a review. March 19th, 2013.

10. Rayman Legends





Ubisoft Montpellier is back with their reboot of the Rayman  series, and wow, it looks better than ever. It won some best platformer awards from some notable video game websites at E3, and it will be released exclusively for the Wii U… That’s not to say though it won’t come to consoles, whether they be this gen or next gen. February 26, 2013.

9. Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time 





So whether or not Sucker Punch is back, the guys over at Sanzaru aren’t completely new to the Sly Cooper series. They managed the port of the original three to the Playstation 3, and Sucker Punch has been helping and overseeing the development of the game to make sure they get it right. From what we’ve seen, it looks just like a Sly Cooper game, and all previews have been positive so far. February 5th, 2013.

8. Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch






Level 5 is back on with the Playstation brand with a hotly anticipated port of Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. Although the game has been released in Japan, it is still being localized for North America and Europe. If you haven’t played the demo on the PS Store yet, we highly suggest it, it’s fantastic. You can’t deny the game looks beautiful, and previews are saying the game is emotional, fun, and just downright awesome. January 22nd, 2013.

7. Remember Me





Originally a PS3 exclusive (now multi-platform), Capcom has apparently decided to take a shot with a brand new IP by Dontnod Entertainment. We’ll be playing as a woman named Nilin, a ‘memory hunter’ who will literally change people’s memories. There will be many combos to learn that will help the player, and believe us, there are a lot. 50,000+ according to Capcom. May, 2013.

6. Grand Theft Auto V




Yes, Rockstar is back ladies and gentlemen. This is quite possibly the most anticipated game for 2013, and the game looks simply stunning. Gameplay sounds very interesting, and you just can’t beat Rockstar North when it comes to having fun in open-world environments. We’re returning to San Andreas (Rockstar’s take on Los Angeles) and we’ll be able to visit Los Santos and Las Venturas (San Francisco and Las Vegas). Spring, 2013.

5. Bioshock: Infinite




Irrational games is back with their third entry into their Bioshock series, and this time we’re no where near Rapture, but rather the above ground (floating) city of Columbia. Columbia is a steam punk style floating city, run by factions set on keeping it for “pure American citizens only”. Expect to have some great gameplay, awesome set pieces, and an engaging story. March 26th, 2013.

4. Metro: Last Light




Although Metro 2033 was a flawed gem, 4A Games is looking to fix any and all problems with their sequel (Yes, the stealth parts were just unbearable). Last Light be be returning to the roots, and this time it will not be based off of it’s book counterpart, Metro 2034, but instead an entirely new story. We’ll follow Artyom again as he makes his way underground and aboveground in a post-apocalyptic Moscow. March, 2013.

3. Beyond: Two Souls




Quantic Dream is at it again, with another PS3 exclusive that looks downright beautiful. The game will follow a young girl named “Jodie Holmes” as she goes through 15 years of her life discovering the after life, death, entities, and more. Ellen Page will be playing Jodie, and she noted in an interview that the script is around 2000 pages long, so expect an incredible, engaging story with some awesome set pieces. May 25th, 2013.

2. The Last of Us




I don’t think this game will need much of an explanation. Anyone on the internet will most likely know what this is all about, but in case you don’t. Joel and Ellie respectively, 15 years after the world goes to hell, they’re one of the few remaining people who are sane or alive in (presumably) the world, and they’re heading towards a currently unknown destination. We’d highly suggest you go watch the trailers if you haven’t already, because the game looks like it’s going to be one of the best games this generation. May 7th, 2013.

1. Watch_Dogs



Everything is connected. It’s worth noting we have no window of release for this game yet, or whether or not it’s even on the current generation of consoles, but I think it’s high up on most people’s list for “anticipated games”. The game’s antihero Aiden Pearce can use any device tied to the city’s central operating system (ctOS) as a weapon against it. The game itself has a very interesting premise, and the fact that it’s a new IP is generating lots of hype around the gaming universe. 2013-2014


Bonus: Honorable Mentions:

– Arma III

– SimCity

– The Elder Scrolls Online

– Company of Heroes 2

Plants vs. Zombies 2

Hotline Miami 2

– Crysis 3

– Star Wars 1313

– Metal Gear Rising 

– Devil May Cry Reboot

– Fuse

– South Park: The Stick of Truth

– Dead Island: Riptide

– Puppeteer

– Yakuza 5

– Pikmin 3

– Bayonetta 2

– Total War: Rome II


What is interesting to note about practically all these titles (with the exception of Wii U exclusive titles) they’re coming out in early or in the middle of 2013, which can only mean one thing… new consoles at the end of 2013? We’ve heard practically nothing, but I think it’s now safe to assume they’re coming out then.

Until that time comes around though, be sure to stick around for more news, articles, and features.

Do you agree with this list? Do you think we missed some games? Let us know in the comments below!

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