Top 3 Ways to Get Gypsum Solo in New World

gypsum solo farm new world

Welcome to our opinion piece on the best ways to get Gypsum if you are running solo in New World. With so many casual players, and so many servers that have such low population, or new mergers, you may not have a group to get things done with. You may also just be a player like myself that prefers to play solo to relax after a tough day’s work.

If you are brand new to the concept of Gypsum in New World, make sure you first check out our Gypsum Explained Guide so you know everything you should know about the system.

There are 8 types of Gypsum available in New World, they are:

Gypsum TypeSourceGypsum Required for 1 Orb
Diamond GypsumEvents such as Winter Event. Earn by interacting with 3 trees of light each day.3
Topaz GypsumKill enemies level 55+. Need to have consumed Attunement Potion (See Below).10
Emerald GypsumOpen Trade Skill Aptitude Reward Containers.1
Amethyst GypsumOpen Breach Caches.7
Obsidian GypsumKill level 60+ Open World Named Bosses. 3
Sapphire GypsumKill final bosses in Garden of Genesis or The Lazarus Instrumentality.1
Ruby GypsumOpen Outpost Rush Caches (PvP).2
Citrine GypsumOpen Arena Caches.1

1. Emerald Gypsum

Emerald Gypsum

Emerald Gypsum has to be the easiest and most efficient way to earn Gypsum in New World while playing solo. We also have another article explaining exactly how Emerald Gypsum is obtained. The basics are that all you need is a trade skill at level 200, preferably a gathering skill like Harvesting, Logging, or Mining. As long as you are level 200, farm using that skill until you gain your next level of Aptitude, and you will earn your Emerald Gypsum for the day, no groups needed.

It only takes 1 Emerald Gypsum to create a Gypsum Orb, so you will only need 1 level of aptitude each day.

2. Ruby Gypsum

Ruby Gypsum

Ruby Gypsum is also very easy to obtain solo. You will need to sign up for Outpost Rush and complete 2 rushes. Each Outpost Rush match played in its entirety will reward you with 1 Ruby Gypsum. This does mean you will have to get into some PvP, but as least you will be automatically matched up with a team and not need to bring teammates with you.

You will need 2 Ruby Gypsum to create one Gypsum Orb. Therefore, you will need to complete 2 full Outpost Rush matches in the day to get enough for the orb.

3. Diamond Gypsum

Diamond Gypsum

To obtain Diamond Gypsum during an event, all you need to do is visit settlements and open the presents at the big tree in town. If you go to three different settlements when the event is active, you can obtain enough for a Gypsum Orb.