Top 5 Instant Improvement Valorant Tips from An Immortal Player

Top 5 Instant Improvement Valorant Tips from An Immortant Player

Hello! I’m an Immortal Valorant player who has played the game since its release. Valorant is currently one of the biggest online multiplayer games in the world averaging 15 million players monthly. That is why it is definitely understandable that a lot of players want to improve their gameplay, but don’t fret. I am here to give you tips to improve your game. These are 5 my instant improvement tips to improve as a player:

Know When to Buy

Economy is very important in a game of Valorant. When your teammates decide to full buy on the current round, then you should also full buy with them.  On the other hand, when your team has lost a round and decides to eco, then save your credits so that everyone is on the same page and full buys the next round. Spending credits unwisely will cause disproportionate inventories with your team throughout the game.

Additional tip: As a rule of thumb, everyone should spend all of their credits during pistol rounds because these are the most important rounds in the game. Winning a pistol round will grant your team enough credits to buy SMGs and full shields the next round, which makes it easier to snag two rounds in a row.


Practice your Movement: Aim is not everything in a tactical shooter. One of the most helpful things to incorporate in your game is “Slicing the Pie”. The term means that you patiently peek angles one by one without overexposing yourself. Practice this right now in a deathmatch or custom game and I promise that you will see improvements instantly.

Understand When to Play Man Advantages

One of the most common mistakes that inexperienced players make is not knowing when to play man advantages. Do not throw rounds by pushing every time when the spike is planted, set up crossfires and play trades when you have the advantage.

Of course, pushing can also be useful when you are in an unfavorable position. For instance, look for fights and engage enemies when you have planted the spike in a 1v3 situation to level the playing field.

Study Common Headshot Sports

There are hints inside the game where you can place your crosshair to hit headshots easier. As an example, you can level your crosshair just below these boxes in Bind

Study Common Headshot Sports
Study Common Headshot Sports Valorant

Find these hints in a custom or deathmatch to instantly improve your crosshair placement


This last tip is more of a discipline and mindset advice. Get enough sleep, fix your posture, and be consistent with your aim routine (if you have one). Play Valorant as much as you can and learn from the mistakes that you make. Most of the Valorant pros have years of FPS experience which is why they are insane at the game.    

These are just some of the hundreds of tips out there to help you improve your gameplay. Do not get discouraged when you feel like you’ve hit a huge boulder with no more room to improve. Trust me, I’ve been there. Just be consistent and push through it because it is just a part of the process of developing your skills—remember that hard work pays off. Good luck, fellow agent!

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