Torchlight Infinite Flame Elementium: What Is It And Where To Find It?

Torchlight Infinite Flame Elementium
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Are you trying to understand Flame Elementium in Torchlight Infinite? There are a lot of components in play when it comes to Torchlight Infinite. Creating the best possible character is your main goal, as you slash your way through enemies in the hopes of obtaining better gear. It can be a rewarding gameplay loop, but sometimes you just want to quickly grind away for the best loot.

In Torchlight Infinite, you’re going to need a ton of Flame Elementium if you want to be the very best. Of course, with such a lucrative commodity, it can be hard to come by. If you’re wishing to level up your character faster than before, here’s why Flame Elemntium is important and where you can find it in Torchlight Infinite.

What Is Flame Elementium In Torchlight Infinite

Torchlight Infinite Flame Elementium
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As with other games built around a loot system, gaining currency is just as important as finding new gear. If you want to craft new bits, with potentially better rewards than the gear already in your inventory, then tracking down Flame Elementium in Torchlight Infinite is your best bet.

It’s important to note that Flame Elemntium is only consumed when crafting gear with 5 or 6 affinities, meaning it’s on the higher end of the spectrum. Using this currency in Torchlight Infinite is valuable if you’re looking to power up your hero.

Where To Find Flame Elementium In Torchlight Infinite

Torchlight Infinite Flame Elementium
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As with most currency, there are various ways to stumble upon it in the world of Torchlight Infinite. However, if you’re in a tight spot and want to grab it as fast as possible, here are the best places to find Flame Elementium in Torchlight Infinite:

  • Timemark 7 and Timemark 8 Maps of the Netherrealm: If you’re looking for the easiest way to find Flame Elementium, these locations are your best bet.
  • Trading: Another easy way of grabbing Flame Elementium is through trading. This can be done in the Trade House, where the currency is commonly up for grabs.
  • Carry Pactspirits: It’s worth carrying a Pactspirit that increases your chance of finding Flame Elementium if you’re still struggling – the Happy Chonky is a perfect candidate.
  • Challenge Bosses: Perhaps the hardest way, but worth trying nonetheless. In Torchlight Infinite’s endgame, you can combine Edicts at the Void Rift, which will allow you to tackle a season boss for some extremely rare legendary loot. With this in hand, it’s worth selling your goodies back at the Trade House in the hope of obtaining Flame Elementium.

And there you have it! The uses and best ways of finding Flame Elementium in Torchlight Infinite. It’s always worth stocking up on this currency, especially if you’re looking to battle tougher foes later down the road.

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