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Trine Series Put on Hold as Developers Apologise to Fans

Trine 3 released a few days ago, and while it really was a beast of a game (our review is going up very soon), many were left disappointed by the short length of around four hours of gameplay – almost half the length of previous titles in the series – and the cliffhanger ending.

Today, Frozenbyte has issued an apology to fans for what it describes as “bad marketing.” The original plan for the game was to have it split in to different parts, but the marketing team decided against telling fans that this may be the case, a move which the studio regrets and apologises for.

Kai Tuovinen, the head of marketing at Frozenbyte, has asked fans not to direct their disappointment towards the development teams as it was not their fault on how everything panned out.

“In hindsight, our biggest mistake was that we didn’t let you know we would be splitting the game into different parts or that this would be a shorter game than others in the series.”

“As head of marketing here, I have to bite the bullet. It’s my fault.”

As for the future of the Trine series, Tuovinen states that at this moment in time it is on hold and that Frozenbyte will be taking everything back to the drawing board while the series is on hold.

“It’s do or die for us right now” said Tuovinen.

It’d would be a real shame for the Trine series to end on such a sour note, so here’s hoping Frozenbyte can get itself back on track.

On a related note, when asked by The Games Cabin if a console release on PS4 and Xbox One was a possibility, Frozenbyte responded by saying that there may be some plans later on in the year, but nothing can be properly discussed at the moment.

It’s starting to look a little less likely now.

What did you think of Trine 3? Let us know down in the comments section below.

Source: Frozenbyte

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  1. “We’re sorry that we were dishonest, and you…our fans/customers…got screwed over” *runs off to the bank*

    As George Costanza would say, ‘You can stuff your sorries in a sack, mister!’

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