UK PSN Black Friday Sales Go Live for PS4, PS3, and PS Vita

The Black Friday PSN sale has kicked off on the UK PlayStation Store. Unfortunately it’s a bitter-sweet moment for us at The Games Cabin as the revelation of the UK Black Friday sale means our earlier post was actually rather inaccurate. We do apologise for that, but as we did mention in the article, there was every chance that it was an error on Sony’s part, so we’re handing half the blame to them.

There’s a slew of games on offer for PS4, PS4, and PS Vita, and there really is something for everybody. The likes of FIFA, The Witcher 3, and Battlefield: Hardline have all had their prices dropped down, though some drops are more drastic than others.

To browse the full list of games on offer, simply direct your mouse or thumb here and click away. Try and save some money for Christmas presents and that, yeah? Nobody want’s to hear that you got some great deals when they’re sat under a present-less tree.

North America Black Friday Flash Sale Here

The Black Friday deals will be running from today, 27th November, through until December 1st. Plenty of time to get the goodies you so desire. Bear in mind that PS Plus members get extra discounts on certain games, so if you’ve left your subscription to run out then it might be worth renewing. You can get your PSN subscription topped up here.

[Update: By the looks of it not all the prices have been updated just yet. For example, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is part of the Black Friday sale, but its price hasn’t changed. Give it a few hours and let the store update itself and it, as well as other games that haven’t already, should come down in price.]