UK Retailer Confirms It’s Ditching Support for Wii U and Wii U Games… Sort of

Last week a rumour emerged that UK retailer ASDA (part of the Walmart group) would be dropping Nintendo’s consoles from its shelves and the games would be going along with them.

Well, it turns out it’s true. Sort of.

We’ve heard this exact rumour before, in fact, it was only last year that rumours floated that ASDA wouldn’t be stocking Nintendo Wii U consoles due to poor sales, but that never came to be and they remained on the shelves ever since.

We got in contact with ASDA in an attempt to clear up this rumour once and for all. In a statement to The Games Cabin, ASDA confirmed that it would be dropping all support for the Nintendo Wii U consoles, though no specific reason was given. However, here’s where the ‘sort of’ comes into play. The American owned company will still stock some Nintendo Wii U games from time to time, most notably the big first party releases such as Mario Kart.

The retailer will also still stock Nintendo 3DS consoles and games, so it’s not everything with a Nintendo sticker being ditched – just the Nintendo Wii U.

It’s a shame, but that’s business, unfortunately. The Wii U hasn’t had the best sales in the UK but a steady trickle of consoles are making their way into the homes of avid Nintendo fans. The Wii U will still be available in-store and at a discount until stocks last, but after that, the folks in charge of securing products for ASDA won’t be ordering any more units, so if you’ve got vouchers or reward points, get down to your local branch and use them!

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