UK Retailer Flogging Brand New PS3 Consoles for £39.99

Wow. We thought the PS3’s day was well behind it, but with this latest deal that we’ve heard of it looks like more than a few people will be getting a cheap and cheerful console this Christmas.

UK retailer HMV has been flogging brand new PS3 consoles for just £39.99. Granted, they’re the 12GB models, but it’s easy and cheap enough to give it a decent upgrade. The retailer is only carrying this offer in select stores and won’t be available online, so not every shop will have them in stock. Still, it’s worth having a look if you find yourself out and about in town over the weekend because, let’s face it, £39.99 is a bloody steal – Amazon still sells the same models (with Wonderbook game and PS Move) for almost four times as much.

For the time being we can only confirm this is taking place in the UK, so our Irish brethren may not be so lucky. Worth checking though, just in case.

Would you be willing to pick one of these up at this price, or have you no use at all for the aging PS3? 

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