Uncharted 2’s Train Wreck Wasn’t Supposed to be the Start of the Game

Three of Naughty Dog’s lads took to Twitch today to take part in the second live-stream of ‘Uncharted Moments’ where the team play through some of the most epic parts of the Uncharted franchise and speak a little on the history of the games.

Today they’re showing off some gameplay from the dramatic opening sequence from Uncharted 2: the train wreck sequence.

Players will remember that Uncharted 2’s opening sequence wasn’t the start of the game, but was instead a flash-back and was the point that players fight towards once the sequence has been played out.

Interestingly, Naughty Dog were originally planning to go the traditional route and tell the story in a linear fashion that would place the opening scene back in its place much further along in the game’s story.

According to the developers they chose to do it in the flash-back style in order to give players a big ‘wow’ moment really early on. Turns out it was a really good decision.

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