Uncharted 4 Developers Talk Lighting in Games and Why It’s Such an Important Aspect of a Game Design

Naughty Dog has been around for a while. Actually, the company has been around for a long, long time. The California-based developement studio has created hit-after-hit ever since Crash Bandicoot humped the air on our crummy old TV screens back in the 90’s.

Anybody with a passing interest in gaming has most likely heard of the team, and just about every aspiring game developer has hopes of creating masterpieces to rival Naughty Dog’s classic titles – some may even end up within the walls of the famed studio one day.

The team behind The Last of Us and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End has posted a new video where they talk about what it takes to work in the studio’s lighting department. Okay, it’s not going to be for everyone, and, we know that most of you are just regular folks, but it’s still an interesting watch – even more so for actual game development enthusiasts – and it’s nice to hear the developers express their passion for their work as well as giving us a bit of insight. What’s really inspiring is that they’ve not let the fame go to their already bulging heads (brains take up a lot of room) as they remain quite humble and sincere. Charming, no? We’re not sure about you, but if we’d made a few hit games that brought in millions of pounds (or dollars, whatever…) we’d be strutting through the streets in some garish purple pimp-suits. That’s just us though…

Watch the video down below and see what it takes to achieve lighting perfection. Well, not quite perfection – but pretty damn close.

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