Uncharted 4 Gets a New Japanese Website for Uncharted 4: Pirate King and the Last of The Treasure

If you’ve ever been on holiday and walked by a cinema in Spain, France or wherever, you’ll probably notice that not all titles translate word for word.

The same is true about video games too: take Naughty Dog’s upcoming Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End for example.

Nathan Drake’s latest adventure goes under a slighty different – though totally wicked – name in the land of the rising sun. Instead of the moody ‘A Thief’s End,’ Japanese players will know the fourth title as ‘Pirate King and the Last of the Treasure.’ Awesome.

Aside from the name change, the website is pretty much by the numbers as far as things go.

Uncharted 4 was originally slated to release this year before being pushed back to Spring 2016. Plenty of time to convince Sony and Naughty Dog to change the title to match the Japanese version,

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