Uncharted 4 Multilayer Footage Released, Looks Bloody Wicked

Well it looks like one of The Cabin’s Crazy, Cool, Confirmed Paris Games Week predictions has come through. The first ever multiplayer footage for Uncharted 4 has been released and we have it here in the Cabin, go on take a look, you know you want too.

It looks like Naughty Dog has once again managed to capture Uncharted’s action packed gameplay in both the multiplayer and the singleplayer. The Cabin’s walls are shaking with anticipation for March 18th 2015.


    1. I’ve gotta say, the magic stuff looks weird as hell, but interesting. Going off the trailer, it looks like there might a waves mode where humans play as the heroes of the series and A.I controls the bad guys? I dunno, just looks that way to me.

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