Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection: Bluepoint Didn’t Take “Easy” Route; Brutal Difficulty Confirmed

Today, the developers behind the critically acclaimed Uncharted series hosted a streaming event over on Twitch in the run up to the release of the Nathan Drake Collection which will hit PS4 on October 9th.

When it came to discussing Bluepoint Games and the task of bringing the trilogy to the PS4, the developers noted that the biggest challenge was that they had to re-create the cinematics from all three games. Bluepoint had to go back and completely re-create every single cut-scene, something that Naughty Dog developer Josh Scherr describes as the “hard route” before going on to discuss with his colleagues the easy route he would have taken.

While showing off the menu screens, Scherr flicked past a menu item that indicates you’ll be able to track your friends stats. What’s not to like about comparing headshots with a friend, eh? Actually, we’re not entirely sure what the stat tracking entails, but we imagine it’ll be something along the lines of comparing certain in-game feats with your online buds.

There’s also a new difficulty included in the remastered trilogy named ‘Brutal’. This new difficulty is even harder than crushing and, interestingly, it came about due to one of the QA testers being able to beat every single game on every single setting, so the development team ramped up the difficulty even farther. Sounds bloody brutal, too. Hopefully there isn’t an achievement related to beating the game on Brutal, because this poor author’s reflexes just aren’t what they used to be.

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