Uncharted Ranked From Worst To Best

The best treasure hunter in gaming. Nathan Drake brings his charisma to our screens at home making him an unforgettable character. This action-adventure has some of the best set pieces that gets your adrenaline pumping through your veins. If you guys had another ranking order let me know in the comments. Importantly, none of the Uncharted games are bad in any way, even so, someone has got to come last.

6. Uncharted: Golden Abyss

A great game and a fantastic accomplishment to bring Uncharted to the PlayStation Vita. It used swiping mechanics that surprisingly worked well like when climbing a wall you could swipe Nathans’s path and he’d follow. Then, some didn’t work quite as well such as swiping to counter a melee attack. Nonetheless, it was a cool mechanic to bring to the franchise, which could only be experienced on the Vita.

However, the story of this Uncharted was the weakest in my opinion as it had a weak first half, but the second half improved when Sully arrived. Graphically it was quite impressive for the Vita and the combat was decent. All-round this was a good game and a great one for the Vita.

5. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Our first adventure without Nathan Drake. Chloe served as a good protagonist and Nadine got some well-deserved character development. The game was stunning in presentation and takes about eight hours to complete with a bit of exploring. Exploring the lost civilizations of India was great and combat felt the best it has ever been. Still, I think Nathan was missed as his charisma is always welcomed and after all, he is the face of Uncharted.

4. Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

We start in London, which seems like a mundane start for Nate. However, we soon end up getting pulled into Ubar. It had some of the best set pieces like falling out of a cargo plane, a building that’s falling apart or escaping a sinking ship, it seems everywhere Nate goes just ends up getting destroyed. Still, it makes for great action. We get to see Nate and Sully’s origins of meeting and it helps deepen their long friendship and who can complain about seeing more of Sully.

I think this Uncharted had weaker pacing than the others, not that it was bad, but the others were so tightly knit that it showed in Drake’s deception. I think the repeated storyline of Sully being captured was a poor choice and could have been done differently. So, for that reason, it’s lower than the other main titles.

3. Uncarted: Drake’s Fortune

Our first adventure with Nathan Drake. Going to El Dorado was an amazing adventure for the first journey. Nathan and Elena’s relationship blossomed in this one showing chemistry between the two. This was a brilliant start to a huge franchise. Climbing cliffsides and platforming were relatively new in the style Drake’s Fortune did it in, so it was a new adventure for the player and Nathan Drake. This was one of the stronger stories even with some poorly done sections like Sully “supposedly” being dead, yet Nate got over it within a few cutscenes, besides that the story was near perfect. Overall it was an unbelievable experience and brought these amazing cinematic set pieces to our screens at home.

2. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

A Thief’s End could easily be number one and is unlucky not to be. It brought us the most serious story in the series. We see how Nathan’s obsession with treasure hunting is hurting all those around him. Sam, his brother comes back and twists Nathan’s life into what it used to be years ago. This was the first Uncharted for the PS4 and it was incredible. The mud physics were so realistic even now it still is. Of course, it was the best Uncharted had ever looked graphically.

Combat had improved and with a grappling hook we had even more options to take out enemies or an easier way to use stealth successfully. It was evident that Naughty Dog’s experience on The Last of Us rubbed off on Uncharted 4 and all for the better.

1. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Nathan Drake clinging to the train might be his most iconic moment in the entire series and one of the best starting points for a game. Going to Shambala was the best adventure in Uncharted which was full of twists and turns, while Chloe and Elena helped us on the journey. Zoran Lazarević and Harry Flynn were the villains of this Uncharted and served as the biggest threat in the series. They were easily the best villains of the series.

Among Thieves had the strongest story of all the Uncharted series and had the best setting of them all. Uncharted was truly perfected in this instalment. This was the most unpredictable Uncharted and is my favourite of the series.