Universal Crossword Clue Answers for November 30 2022

The Universal Crossword has been a popular go-to for many years, created by the Universal Press Syndicate (UPS) and part of Andrew McMeel Universal, which created The Puzzle Society in 1999. This is where the Universal Crossword, along with many other amazing and commonly used games, exist.

The crossword’s editor is the formidable David Steinberg, who published his first crossword puzzle in the New York Times when he was 14 years old, making him the second-youngest constructor to be published under the famous NYT Crossword editor Will Shortz. Steinberg was made the editor of the Puzzle Society Crossword in 2017, and subsequently the editor of the Universal Crossword in 2018. In 2019, Steinberg was made the Puzzles and Games Editor at Andrews McMeel Universal, where he still continues to edit the Universal Crossword.

After a short history lesson on the Universal Crossword and about why this guide has been created, we need to remember that with any crossword, as they try to engage their players over time, the puzzle creator will also attempt to increase the difficulty and range of categories covered. So there may be times when players need a helping hand in finding the answers. That’s where we come in with the answer to the Universal Crossword on November 30 2022.

Universal Crossword Clue Answers for November 30 2022

Below, you will find all of the clues in November 30 2022’s Universal Crossword, where you will need to click into each clue to find the relevant answer. You can always come back to this page and search through any of today’s clues to help you if you’re stuck, and move you onto the next clue within the crossword.

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