Unravel’s New Story Trailer has Our Hearts in a Knot

Remember EA’s E3 press conference back in June? Well if you don’t, we’ll refresh your memory. They had some big hitters up on the stage – such as Battlefront, and the football legend himself: Pelé – but somewhere in between all of that they introduced us to a little red dude named Yarny, who got his name because… well, because he’s made of yarn. This simple yet beautiful puzzle platformer is not something you’d expect to come out of the publishing giant EA, yet it is.

The game won’t be landing on a digital shelf near you until early 2016 – February 9th to be precise. However, the hard working guys and gals over at ColdWood Interactive have put together a brand new story trailer to give you a little more insight into their simple yet genius protagonist. We won’t spoil the trailer on you, but it does give you an idea of how Yarny came to be. Edge of your seat stuff – well kind of… maybe more like near enough to the edge but not quite there yet, oh screw it just enjoy the trailer.