Dome City

Unreal Engine 4 Powered Dome City Gets 7 Impressive Minutes of Gameplay Footage

We’re typically not ones to shout and scream about fancy graphics and the like, but on this occasion we’ll bend the rules, simply because Dome City looks like a bloody brilliant game – at least visually.

Dome City takes place on the somewhat warm planet Mars. The developers describe it as a story-driven adventure where three space cadets must escape the martian planet and its dangers. The game is currently in Steam’s Greenlight program and is awaiting your vote. Dome City was first announced back in July of last year, where it received warm reception from onlookers but little attention in the press.

Today, the developers have released a brand new video that shows us seven minutes of quite impressive looking gameplay. The video is embedded down below, but first you should read a bit about what the game’s about.

  • Full immersion: You’ll see through the character’s eyes what he would see in first person view, even the inventory! The revolutionary system is represented in a lifelike manner, allowing to carry only the essential tools and equipment in your pockets. Realistic puzzles will obstruct your path yet you’ll find diverse solutions to each problem.
  • Story and dialogue rich adventure: Most of the time you’ll go alone, but the others are eager to help, share their thoughts, or even entertain – if you wish so! The atmospheric city invites you to dig the history out of the rusty cabinets and empty buildings.
  • Non-linear storytelling: Choices are yours, but so are the consequences! Different solutions lead to various situations and ultimately to an alternative ending with a big twist, providing a completely new point of view – so you’ll want to run in Dome City again!
  • Stunning soundtrack: Composed by the world-famous Petri Alanko (renowned for Alan Wake and Trials Fusion) music is an essential part of our sci-fi adventure to keep you in the mood of the city. Listen to the first piece Petri created for Dome City in the cutscene teaser!


Main pillars
  • Survival – you’ve only left the spaceship for a short time, and brought basically nothing, apart from the spacesuit – it’s a challenge to find food, water or electricity. And also there are those curious events happening constantly…
  • Investigation – blurry shadows disappearing in random corridors, monster claws opening the doors, lights coming from abandoned houses – what the hell is going on? And why did they even evacuate the town? You need to find out what are those things, and what happened to the former inhabitants.
  • Escape – 100 year emptiness leaves it’s marks behind. Broken networks, hardly functioning devices, rusty gadgets leave you only with your creativity to assemble something useful – to be able to communicate, or even help to escape somehow.

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