Update 0.8.0 brings a Hell of a lot of New Shizz to Tom Clancy’s Endwar Online Beta

Over on Ubiblog the good people of Ubisoft Shanghai have announced the next big update to their strategical, MMO browser game – Endwar Online. If you haven’t already checked the game out it takes place after World War 3 as you lead your faction in rebuilding your country, or die trying. If the single player doesn’t keep you entertained then you could always test yourself against the best of the best online.

Anyway what does 0.8.0 bring to the table? Well 14 new campaingn maps that can be played on hard and veteran modes, Chapters seven and eight of the new maps even contain new high level loot. The level cap for Generals and Commanders has been raised to 50, just remember that applies to everyone so expect a tougher opposition. Along with the new level cap comes new level 43-50 equipment and blueprints, which can be purchased or earned in the game.

There’s a new optimized starter offer which means you can get 2000 GOLD, a rank 3 AVV Commander, and two Class B mods for $9.99. Then there’s another three offers designed to benefit players in the long run. The first is Jump Start which will give players $21 worth of premium items for just $0.99. The second is War bonds which allows players to invest $19.99 in order to receive extra FAME every ten levels, you’ll get a total of 15000 FAME. Thirdly is the Monthly Gold Pack which allows players to spend $19.99 in order to get 300 GOLD back each day, all the GOLD received will add up to 9000 GOLD, which is worth $90.

The Black Market will also receive an update which means it will select random items each day for a 20% discount. Of course the update also brings a host of technical improvements, such as an improved UI, faster loading times, and all that jazz. Ever played Endwar Online? Let us know what it’s like down in the comments because we honestly don’t have a clue.

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